Songs to Listen to While You’re High

Songs to Listen to While You’re High
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This blog will highlight the best 10 music to listen to when high.

1. “Comfortably Numb”-Pink Floyd

Since 1979, this iconic stoner tune by British psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd has captivated both sober and high music fans. The band’s 11th studio album, The Wall opens with an unearthly groove that gradually swells into a stunning guitar solo. If you haven’t heard this one yet, we recommend you start here. Comfortably Numb is one sure music to listen to when high for a comfortable, relaxed experience.

2. Glass Animals on the Other Side of Paradise

From one stoner to another, this British band knows how to chill down and pander to their fanbase. Originally published in 2016, the incredible harmony between each instrument in this track, together with our boys’ smooth notes, really hit the spot.

This is the best music when high, very mellow, and relaxing. You will feel great if you listen to this while you relax with friends.

We would highly recommend grooving with this in the background while lighting up another one. Just make sure you’re prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.

3. “Thinkin Bout You” – Frank Ocean

This chilled rap and R&B tune from Frank Ocean’s 2011 Channel Orange album features an unusual combination of sounds that go nicely with marijuana. It’s one of the best songs to listen to while smoking because of the soothing falsetto voice in the chorus. Finally, this song is ideal for a romantic evening and goes nicely with candles and Indica cannabis.

4. Feel Good Inc – Gorillaz

Back in the day, this was one of the first tracks to contain animations, especially given how strange the world was becoming. As you draw that second rip, the guitar chords playing among the simple lyrics wafting from your speaker to your ears will cause your head to sway back and forth.

We guarantee that this track will make you “Feel Good,” and don’t forget to stay hydrated and smashed up in preparation for the long night.

5. “Feels Like Summer” – Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino’s song “Summer Pack” from his 2018 album invites one to unwind on a late summer evening. This R&B beat, one of the finest songs to smoke pot too, encourages us to enjoy the little pleasures in life, like the nice breeze. This tune, when paired with a decent Sativa, will have you ready to attack the day regardless of the season.

6. Sun Is Shining – Bob Marley & The Wailers  

Our man Bob Marley, easily claimed to be the king of hash himself, comes grooving in as you slip into peace again and over again. Bob Marley has been playing some of the best songs stoned since long before they became a thing.

Here’s some slow-paced music to keep the fog high, the smoke long, and the vibrations high. We started rolling our shoulders and vibing as he came to our rescue by transporting us out of reality-and you will too if you listen to this song.

7. “Cranes in the Sky” – Solange

This song addresses the concept of distractions in a beautiful ballad, making it one of the finest songs to listen to when high. When burnt, this song from her 2016 album, allows you to drift away and think about life. Put it on your Spotify playlist and see if you agree.

8. Riders On The Storm – The Doors  

A great song for opening your eyes and looking at your blossom (pun intended). Our Storm Riders will open “The Doors” for your next float, trip, or whatever you choose to call it with your vibe.

The tempo, melody, and chords will have you replaying this as you decide if you need that additional pizza or another bag of Cheetos’ like a dog without a bone.’

9. “Yes I’m Changing” – Tame Impala

The main singer’s trippy voice transports you to another realm in this 2015 track from the Australian alt-rock band’s Currents album. Also, if you enjoy running high, this will keep you motivated and inspired during any activity.

10. Because I Got High – Afroman.  

Last but not least, Afroman reminds us that we do what we do “because (we) got high,” whether it’s a basic assignment, a job chore, or even that odd errand.

For the next 3 minutes or so, remember to live, laugh, and love yourself. Consider scrolling up, lighting another, and going through this list again.

There are lots of Afroman songs we haven’t listed in this guide that are worth selecting. They are the best high songs that take you to a higher plane when it comes to grooves, vocals, and, of course, the music itself.

In this post, we have listed the top 10 high songs that you will probably want to listen to.

The reason behind the popularity of high songs is that they are good quality and entertaining. People like to listen to music in such a way that they get entertained. There are many songs associated with weed, but most of them talk about the feelings and effects rather than describing what things affect people while they consume weed.

The best high songs are the ones that either mention something that makes you forget how high you are, or songs that consume your entire being and make you lose your mind.