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Ajoya Weed Dispensary Louisville

1100 W Dillon Rd #3, Louisville, CO 80027

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Springs Dispo Dispensary

2845 Ore Mill Rd #6 Colorado Springs, Colorado US 80904

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Alpine Essentials

850 Commercial Ln. Palmer Lake, Colorado US 80133

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Sunrise Solutions Dispensary

43 Main Street Bailey, Colorado US 80421

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Kanopya Springs

2545 Platte Place Colorado Springs, Colorado US 80909

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Green Farms

3629 Galley Road Colorado Springs, Colorado US 80909

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High Tops

1022 S Royer St. Colorado Springs, Colorado US 80903

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NuVue Dispensaries

2304 E Platte Ave. Colorado Springs, Colorado US 80909

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Colorado became one of the first US states to legalize the recreational possession and use of cannabis in 2012. Medical cannabis has been legal in the state since 2000. Here is a complete rundown of the legalities of cannabis in the state as well as the top dispensaries in Colorado.

Legality status

Although the use and possession of cannabis are legal in the state there are few regulations to consider.

  • Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal in the state. According to state law, the legally permissible limit is five nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood.
  • As for possession, adults over 21 are allowed to possess 57 grams, or 2 ounces, of cannabis.

Exploring the top dispensaries in Colorado

Maggie’s Farm Dispensary

This dispensary in Colorado has eight outlets across the state. Outlets for Maggie’s Farm can be found in Colorado Springs, Canon City, Las Animas, Manitou, and Pueblo. Some of the products that you can’t afford to miss include Black Cherry Cookies flowers, 1906 Bump Drop edibles, Blue Chocolate flowers, and more. The dispensary boasts a wonderful loyalty program and generous discounts to help you get the best deals.

Springs Dispo Dispensary

Springs Dispo is a recreational cannabis dispensary in Colorado Springs. Find the dispensary at 2845 Ore Mill Rd., #6, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904. The best sellers at Springs Dispo include Ghost Train Haze Flowers, MAC Live Rosin, Cake Hoe Live Rosin, Animal Face Flowers, and more. Find an extensive range of Sativas, Indicas, and hybrids at the Springs Dispo Dispensary.

Apothecary Farms

Apothecary Farms is a cannabis dispensary with multiple outlets in Colorado; Colorado Springs, Denver, and Pueblo.

The best sellers at Apothecary Farms include the Grapple Infused Prerolls, Guavaz 74 Shatter, and the Bermuda OG Ambrosia-H 1G concentrate. Apothecary also offers good deals and discounts, so make sure to get the best price.

The dispensary also has outlets in the state of Oklahoma.

Green Farms Dispensary

Green Farms is a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs. You can find the dispensary at 3629 Galley Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80909.

Product selections are limited to flowers, concentrates, topicals, and edibles. Bestsellers for the dispensary include Gary Payton flowers, West Edison MAC 1000mg Activated Oil, 

Guava Delight THC Gummies– 100mg from Happy Fruit and more. The dispensary also has subscriptions and loyalty programs to keep the bill down.

Terps Dispensary

Terps is a cannabis dispensary in Colorado with two outlets in the state. The Pueblo outlet serves only recreational users, while medical users are served by the Colorado Springs outlet. Terps Pueblo is located at 38 N Silicon DR, Pueblo, CO 81007, and Terps Colorado Springs can be found at 1000 W. Fillmore St. #105, Colorado Springs, CO 80907.

You can find flowers, edibles, concentrates, and vapes at this dispensary. Bestsellers to watch out for include Temple Kush flowers, Oil Cartridge (500mg) Blueberry Bubble from Craft Concentrates, Water Melon Smash THC gummies from Incredibles, and more.

As cannabis becomes more beloved in the state, the list of dispensaries keeps expanding. While the laws for possession and consumption are quite straightforward in the state, it is always a good idea to stay mindful of any regulations to tread clear of legal waters. If you are unsure, be sure to consult a professional.

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