Find a Dispensary in Illinois

Illinois became the 11th US state to legalize both medical and recreational use of cannabis. 2013 saw the state legalize medical marijuana for qualifying patients and recreational use was permitted in 2019. 

From cannabis laws and regulations to the best dispensaries in the state, here is everything you need to know about cannabis in Illinois.

Cannabis laws and regulations in Illinois

  • Medical use: Qualifying users will need certification from a medical caregiver to register as patients. 
  • Recreational use: Adults over the age of 21 are allowed to purchase recreational products from dispensaries with a valid ID.
  • Cultivation: Medical users are permitted to grow up to 5 marijuana plants at home. However, cultivation for recreational use is prohibited. The violation can result in a civil penalty of $200.

Top dispensaries in Illinois

Zen Leaf Dispensary

Zen Leaf is a major cannabis outlet in Illinois with 10 outlets across the state. The dispensary also operates outlets in eleven other US states including Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. 

Top products to try out include their Brownie Batter Live Rosin Carts, Berry Tart Shatter, Cherry on Top x Cherry Malt Crumble Prerolls, and more.

Beyond Hello Dispensary

Beyond Hello is a retail cannabis chain with multiple outlets across seven US states; Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Nevada, Massachusetts, and California. 

The dispensary has four outlets in Illinois in places like Goose Lake, Bloomington, St Louis and Normal.

Top featured products at Beyond Hello Illinois include their Vegas Disposable vapes, Cake Breath Flowers, Elderberry 2:1 CBN + Indica Enhanced Gummies, and more. Find other products as well including topicals, extracts, gear, and much more at Beyond Hello.

Med Men

Med Men is a publicly traded cannabis brand with 29 retail stores and 6 cultivation facilities across seven US states. 

The brand is known for its in-house products and offers a number of cannabis favorites to its users. Top products to try include their Lemon Haze Flowers, Chocolope Prerolls, Harmony Vape Pens, zzzTinctures, and more.

Find a wider range of flowers, concentrates, vapes, gear, and much more at Med Men.

Verilife Dispensaries

Verilife operates retail locations across six US states and offers both medical and recreational products. There are eight outlets in Illinois. However, do note that not all outlets cater to both recreational and medical users. And the ordering hours can also differ based on the outlet near you.

Find Verilife outlets in Galena, Ottawa, Romeoville, Aurora, Chicago, Schaumburg, Rosemont, and Arlington Heights.

Some of the best products to try at Verilife include their Choco Berry Chunk Infused Joint, Legendary Sunset Flower, Hazelnut Cream Cones, Black Diamond Carts, and more. The dispensary also sells other products including topicals, concentrates, gear, and more.

Sunnyside Dispensary

Sunnyside is a major cannabis retail chain with over 60 outlets across seven US states including Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Sunnyside has 10 outlets in Illinois and caters to both medical and recreational users in the area. 

Illinois outlets are found in Chicago (Wrigleyville and River North), Buffalo Grove, Champaign, Danville, Elmwood Park, Naperville, Rockford, Schaumburg, and South Beloit.

Bestsellers for the dispensary include their Lavender Aura Live Sugar, Bio Jesus Flowers, Morning Dew Live Rosin Infused Prerolls, Brunch Orange Gummies, and more.

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