Find a Dispensary in Nevada

Nevada is a cannabis-legal state with both medical and recreational use legal. Here is a complete rundown of the legalities and regulations relating to cannabis and some of the top dispensaries in the state to find the best products.

Cannabis laws and regulations in Nevada

  • Medical use: Medical use was made legal by the state in 2001 with the first medical dispensary opening up in 2015. Qualifying patients are allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis.
  • Recreational use: Cannabis was made legal for recreational use in 2016 in the state with the first recreational dispensary opening up in 2017. Adults over the age of 21 are legally allowed to up to an ounce of cannabis for personal consumption. 
  • Cultivation: Users over 21 years old are allowed to grow up to six plants at home for personal consumption. However, this is only applicable if there are no legal dispensaries within 25 miles of the home.

Other regulations

Although cannabis use is permitted, there are a few regulations to be mindful of;

  • Using cannabis in public places is prohibited.
  • Using cannabis in a moving vehicle is prohibited.
  • Driving under the influence of cannabis is also illegal in the state.

Top dispensaries in Nevada

Nevada is home to some of the largest cannabis dispensaries in the US. Here are a few notable ones to check out.

Reef Dispensaries

Reef Dispensaries is a major cannabis retail chain with six outlets in Nevada. Reef has two outlets in Las Vegas, two in Phoenix, one in Reno, and another one in Sun Valley.

Reef Dispensaries stocks a large collection of select cannabis stocks from reputable brands. The best products to try at a Reef outlet near you include their Mixed Berry Classic Jellies, Florida Sunrise Flowers, Mountain Orange Prerolls, Bubba Kush Carts, Cherry Cobbler Shatter, and more.

Health for Life Dispensaries

Health for Life Dispensaries is a retail cannabis chain with outlets across Nevada, Arizona, and Maryland. In Nevada, Health for Life only serves recreational users and their outlet can be found in Las Vegas at 200 E Charleston, Las Vegas, NV 89104. Open seven days a week, and find all your cannabis favorites including flowers, tinctures, concentrates, edibles, and more at Heath for Life.

Bestsellers for this dispensary in Nevada include their Popcorn North Cake Flowers, Wana Gummies Dream Berry Edibles, Mochi Batter Extracts, Acai Gelato Carts, and much more.

Zen Leaf 

Zen Leaf is a major cannabis retailer with multiple dispensaries across 12 US states. As for Nevada, Zen Leaf has five major outlets across Reno, Las Vegas, Carson City, and Flamingo. This dispensary serves both medical and recreational products however, not all outlets cater to both types. Consider checking with the official website for the nearest Zen Leaf Dispensary before visiting. 

Find a ton of cannabis favorites. Bestsellers that are a must-try include their Sour Black Cherry RSO Hybrid Edibles, Harvest Apple Liquid THC Tinctures, Apple Rings Carts, Berry Bliss Prerolls, and much more.

Beyond Hello

Beyond Hello is a major cannabis retailer with multiple outlets across seven US states. The dispensary has four outlets in Nevada and you can visit one outlet in Incline Village, and three in Las Vegas. Find all your cannabis favorites at Beyond Hello, Nevada.

Do note that this dispensary only offers recreational products. Bestsellers to try at this dispensary include their Octave Mint Sorbet Carts, Sin City Cookies Flowers, Lemonade Sweet Stones Edibles, THC-infused Peach Gummies, and more.

The Source Dispensary

The Source is a dispensary chain in Nevada with five outlets in Las Vegas, Reno, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and Pahrump. 

The dispensary offers a large menu selection and everyday deals and discounts can make your purchases even sweeter. Do note that this dispensary only caters to recreational users in the area. Some of their best products to try include their La Bomba #4 flowers, Ghost Train Haze Live Badder, Pineapple Express Prerolls, Skywalker OG carts, and more.

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