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Cannabis laws in New Hampshire can be quite complex. Although medical use is permitted, recreational use still remains prohibited by law. New Hampshire remains the only New England state where this applies.

Here is everything you need to know about cannabis laws and legalities in New Hampshire and some of the top dispensaries to check in the state.

Cannabis laws and legalities in New Hampshire

  • Medical use: Medical marijuana became legal in the state in 2013, and qualifying patients are allowed to possess up to a third of an ounce or 21 grams of cannabis.
  • Recreational use: Recreational use of cannabis is illegal in New Hampshire, and the possession of up to a third of an ounce is decriminalized. This applies to all cannabis products like edibles, concentrates, etc. Violations will attract penalties.
  • Cultivation: Cultivation of cannabis for both medical and recreational uses remains illegal in the state.

Do note that possession of over three-quarters ounces may attract jail time and heavy penalties. Driving under the influence is also illegal in the state.

Top dispensaries in New Hampshire

Dispensaries in New Hampshire are quite sparse, with only two major names in the cannabis niche. Users can also consider visiting dispensaries across state lines in Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts. However, be mindful of local regulations. 

Here is a quick rundown of the top dispensaries in the state.

Temescal Wellness Dispensary

Temescal Wellness Dispensary is a retail medical cannabis dispensary with outlets in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The brand operates three outlets in New Hampshire: Keane, Dover, and Lebanon. 

This dispensary offers a number of medical marijuana products and bestsellers for Temescal Wellness including their Black Mamba Cold Brew Concentrates, 1:1 Peach Cannabis Infused Fruit Chews, Family Jewels Prerolls, Boxed Wine Flowers, CBD Blend Full-Spectrum Carts, and more.

Sanctuary ATC

Sanctuary ATC is a medical cannabis dispensary in Plymouth that serves a range of cannabis favorites across all budgets. You can find the dispensary at 568 Tenney Mountain Hwy., Plymouth, NH 03264.

The best sellers for Sanctuary ATC include their Alien Rift and Alien Cheese Flowers, Banana Bread Prerolls, Blueberry Headband Blunts, THC-infused Caramel Milk Chocolate Truffle, Girl Scout Cookies Distillate Carts, and much more.

Do note that these dispensaries only cater to qualifying patients and users will need to have a valid medical marijuana card to make purchases in the state. If you do not have a medical card, you can ask a dispensary near you to register you as a patient.

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