Find a Dispensary in Oregon

The use of cannabis for both medical and recreational cannabis is legal in the state of Oregon. Here is the complete rundown of cannabis laws and legalities in the state and a few dispensaries in the state worth visiting.

Cannabis laws in Oregon

  • Medical use: Medical use of cannabis is legal in the state and qualifying patients are allowed to possess up to 1.5 pounds of cannabis for personal use.
  • Recreational use: Recreational use of cannabis was made legal in 2015 and adults over the age of 21 years are allowed to possess up to two ounces of cannabis.
  • Cultivation: Both medical and recreational users can grow their cannabis plants at home. Qualifying medical users can cultivate up to six mature plants at home. Recreational users are allowed to grow up to four flowering plants at home.

Although cannabis use is legal in the state, consumption of cannabis in public places and while driving still remains illegal in the state. Failure to comply will attract fines and other penalties.

Top dispensaries in Oregon

Oregon offers quite a diverse selection of dispensaries to find all your cannabis favorites. Some of the more popular options to try when in Oregon include

Mr. Nice Guy Dispensary

Mr Nice Guy Dispensary is a major cannabis retail chain with multiple outlets across Oregon and California that serves both medical and recreational users. This dispensary in Oregon has 14 outlets across the state offering a plethora of cannabis products at all budgets. Some of the staff-recommended favorites include their Blueberry Kush Liquid Diamonds Carts, Mimosa Sativa Flowers, Strawberry THC-infused gummies, Apple Fritter Infused Prerolls, and much more.

Diem Cannabis Dispensary

Diem Cannabis is a recreational dispensary with two outlets in Massachusetts and one in Oregon. The Oregon outlet is located in Salem. You can visit the Oregon outlet at 1040 Commercial St SE Salem, OR 97302. Do note that this dispensary in Oregon is closed on Sundays and Mondays, so plan your purchases accordingly. Top recommended products by users include their Pumpkin Spice Oil Carts, Spirited Blood Orange Vegan Gummies, Apple and Banana Prerolls, Doob Cube Variety Packs, Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Chews, Fire Dawg Flowers and much more.

Treasure Valley Cannabis Company

Treasure Valley is a recreational cannabis dispensary in Ontario, Oregon. Find this dispensary in Oregon and Huntington. If you are out of Oregon, this dispensary has four outlets in Idaho as well.

Find a wide range of recreational products from popular brands at Treasure Valley. Some of the bestsellers for this dispensary include their Dirty Beach Live Resin Badder, Papaya Cake Flowers, THC-infused Dark Chocolate Bars, and much more.

Brother’s Cannabis

Touted as the oldest cannabis dispensary in Oregon, Brother’s cannabis has four outlets in the state; Richmond, Buckman, Sellwood, and Seaside. Do note that all four outlets have different operating hours depending on the day, so be sure to check the official operating hours and plan your purchases accordingly. Top sellers at this dispensary in Oregon include their potent 100 mg THC THC-infused sodas and 100 mg THC Gummies.

Nebula Cannabis Dispensary

Nebula Cannabis is a recreational dispensary in Oregon, offering a wide range of flowers, concentrates, edibles, and more. You can visit Nebula Cannabis Dispensary at 11605 SE Powell BLVD Portland, OR 97266. The outlet is open seven days a week and some of their bestsellers to try include their Mango Dragon Infused Prerolls, Grape Cream Cake Puff Packs, Super Suver HAze Flowers, Lemon Trill Shatter Grape Muleshine, and much more.

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