Find a Dispensary in South Dakota

South Dakota has some of the most complex cannabis laws to watch out for. Although the medicinal use of cannabis is legal in the state, recreational use remains illegal. Here is a quick rundown of the cannabis laws and regulations in the state, along with a list of popular medical dispensaries in South Dakota.

Cannabis laws in South Dakota

  • Medical use: The medicinal use of cannabis is legal in the state. This was made legal in 2020. Qualifying patients are allowed to possess up to three ounces of cannabis.
  • Recreational use: Recreational use of cannabis remains illegal in South Dakota, and violations can lead to fines, cancellation of a driver’s license, or even jail time.
  • Cultivation: Cultivation of cannabis for medical users is legal in the state. Qualifying patients can cultivate up to four mature plants for medical use. The cultivation of cannabis for recreational purposes remains illegal in South Dakota.

Also, note that driving under the influence of cannabis or consuming it in public places is prohibited by law.

Top dispensaries in South Dakota

Medical marijuana users will find a number of popular medical dispensaries across the state. Some of the more popular ones include:

Yellowstone Cannabis Care

Yellowstone Cannabis Care is a medical-only dispensary in Fort Pierre, South Dakota. You can find the storefront at 1050 Yellowstone Street, Fort Pierre, South Dakota, 57532. Open seven days a week, this dispensary in South Dakota offers a number of favorites on its menu. Top products to try out at this dispensary include their Mike Tyson Blunt Wrap, Fritter Banger Prerolls, Allen Wrench Flowers, Gary Payton Strawberry Gummies, Sleep Soak Bath Bomb, Sunset Mac Live Rosin Jam, and much more.

Bad River Cannabis

Bad River is a medical marijuana dispensary in Fort Pierre. Open seven days a week, this dispensary is located at 1105 Salebarn Rd., Fort Pierre, South Dakota 57532. Staff selection to check at this dispensary in South Dakota includes their Bruce Banner Flowers, Dirty Thirsty Mix Rosin, DNS Sativa Blue Rasp Gummies, Gunsniffer Carts, Moonshine Haze Prerolls, and much more.

Dakota Herb 

Dakota Herb is a major retail medical marijuana chain with four outlets in South Dakota. Fine Dakota Herb has outlets in Brandon, Huron, Aberdeen, and Vermillion. This dispensary offers a number of cannabis favorites, including their Gorilla Glue #4 Flowers, TootieFrootie Rosin Carts, Sativa Razzleberry Live Rosin Gummies, Sour D/Lemon V Infused Prerolls, Super Lemon Haze Live Rosin, and more. Do note that different outlets have different operating hours, so be sure to check the official store hours for the outlet near you before visiting.

Indigenous Budz

Indigenous Budz is a medical marijuana dispensary in Lake Andes, South Dakota. You can visit the sole storefront at 727 US-281, Lake Andes, South Dakota, 57356. This dispensary is open seven days a week to offer you all your cannabis favorites under one roof. Top products at this dispensary in South Dakota include their Northern Light Vapes, RSO capsules, Watermelon THC-infused gummies, and more. The dispensary also offers a number of accessories as well as apparel for users at modest prices.

Cannacare Medical Dispensary

Cannacare is a medical-only dispensary in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Open every day to patients, you can visit this dispensary at 3215 S Carolyn Ave., Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 57106. Cannacare flaunts an extensive panoply of cannabis favorites, and top products include their Sour Diesel Flowers, Cherry Gar-See-Ya Live Rosin Crumble, Roastmellow Live Rosin Disposable Vapes, Elon’s Jet Fuel Rosin Carts, Blueberry THC-infused gummies, Cookie Crumble Prerolls, and much more.

Do note that all dispensaries listed only cater to qualifying patients. If you want to purchase from dispensaries in South Dakota, ensure to enroll yourself with the state medical program. You can speak to your healthcare provider for more details on the eligibility and application process.

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