Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary

sunnyside dispensary
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It all starts with the flower: the strain, the quality, the consistency, the freshness, the flavor, the aroma, and the benefits! Sunnyside, located in the Wrigleyville neighborhood of Chicago, was created to produce world-class recreational and medical cannabis products.

Sunnyside has always been regarded for a high standard of excellence, quality, and flavor. Living the best life possible and constantly seeking to improve.

Their cannabis best represents this lifestyle, and they continually strive to produce the greatest quality and variety of cannabis on the earth. Their exclusive genetics and high standards, as well as all those who share their mission, ensure that the dream lives on in Wrigleyville.

Sunnyside, a leading Wrigleyville dispensary, endeavors to provide the highest quality recreational cannabis, cannabis extracts, and infused goods available at competitive rates and with the compassion of only people who are familiar with the field.

This mission influences every decision Sunnyside makes in its business, from the products they offer to how they approach its customer service. In the fast-expanding cannabis market, they are prepared for national expansion.

Medicinal Cannabis

Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes since at least 2900 BC. Cannabis was historically popular in many parts of the world, including China, Egypt, Ancient Rome, India, and Europe, where it was used for pain relief, muscle relaxants, and chronic diseases. Today, medical cannabis is utilized as an alternative to opioids and other highly sedative and addictive medications.

Sunnyside has a large collection of medicinal cannabis products, so stop by, and their experts will be pleased to assist you in finding cannabis items you won’t regret having!

Recreational Cannabis

Since the time of the Ancient Greeks, cannabis has been used recreationally. Cannabis products have been used by people worldwide for their good effects, such as increased energy, artistic and creative ability, receptivity to new ideas, and negativity reduction. Cannabis also makes people feel more confident and outgoing, reducing social anxiety – just saying, introverts!

Sunnyside Gives Back

They consider customers friends and serve them with integrity, respect, and the utmost care, having been a part of the forward-thinking Wrigleyville. Sunnyside is committed to providing outstanding service and products while operating safely and securely with minimal impact on the community.


Sunnyside’s goal is to provide premium cannabis in a welcoming environment with compassion, knowledge, and continuing personal assistance to members.

What Makes Sunnyside Different

For seniors, first-time dispensary visitors, and patients with serious medical illnesses, Sunnyside Dispensary is known for prioritizing education and customer service. They prioritize in-depth, one-on-one consultations with highly qualified cannabis advisers for guests. Customers can order cannabis from the Sunnyside shop or online for pickup or delivery.


Good Health

Cannabis has the potential to make people happier and more creative. That is why they are in this business.

Good Times

They want customers, especially newcomers, to have a positive time inside The Sunnyside and to feel knowledgeable and empowered when they return home and use products.

Kindness & Decency

Some of their customers are battling for life. Others want a healthy way to have fun. Everyone deserves respect, patience, and a smile, including their employees!

Learning & Growing

We’re all learning about cannabis’s power. Customers are entitled to have their inquiries answered, and their employees are entitled to continued training and advancement opportunities.

Diversity & Individuality

The Sunnyside welcomes everyone regardless of who they are, whom they love, what they believe, what they look like, or where they come from.

Quality products, a friendly staff, and the best deals in town can all be found at Sunnyside Dispensary.  Their cannabis is grown with medicinal-grade nutrients, and their budtenders are among the industry’s most knowledgeable.