THC Pills

THC Pills

You may have tried different types of THC products and would have experienced different effects. But today we are going to introduce you to a new product, you may have or have not tried before. The product is also a form of THC edible known as THC-Pills. Not many people are aware of pills, so it still remains a hidden gem. 

But we will in this article explain in detail about THC Pills that you need to know.

What are THC Pills?

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If you simply take a look at THC pills, then you won’t find them any different from your regular pills. THC Pills can be simply understood as a pill, containing THC as a primary ingredient. 

The pills contain some form of THC, which means they could be oil, gel, decarboxylated, etc.  The contents of pills vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and pills often have different specific use. Here are some of the major types of THC Pills-

  • THC Oil Capsules- THC Oil Capsules contain an oily, liquid distillate. These capsules are in the form of clear gel caps, with golden liquid inside. These capsules have THC concentrations ranging from 5 to 25mg of THC. As they have precise doses, you get almost the same effects and you can calculate your consumption.
  • Crystalline THC Capsules- Crystalline THC is a powder form of THC and looks quite similar to table salt. The main fact to know about Crystalline THC, is that it’s pure THC, and no other ingredients such as terpenes, plant matter, or minor cannabinoids are added.
  •  Decarboxylated Flower Capsules- As you would know, flowers need to be heated for THCA to get converted to THC. These capsules contain the same decarboxylated flower.

Why should you choose THC Pills?

If you are still figuring out if pills are the right product for you then here are a few reasons why pills could be a great option for you-

  • Easy to Consume- It would probably take about 3 seconds to eat a THC pill; you just have to gulp one and let THC do its wonders. It is easy and doesn’t take much time. 
  • A consistent dose- pills have a predefined dose, so this can be a great help as it would be easier to figure out your daily dosage, you can calculate your total consumption and you get consistent effects as you desire.
  • Carry THC on the move- pills look no different than your regular vitamin pills. You can carry them with you on the go, whether to a workplace or on a mini vacation. It won’t take up much space and won’t be noticed by anyone.
  • Discreet consumption- Many people prefer to consume their THC discreetly. So, pills are the best way to do so. If you use other methods of consumption, such as vapes or tinctures, it won’t be hard to figure out, but with pills, it just looks like regular pills. 
  • Not everyone enjoys smoking or Vaping– If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy smoking or vaping, then edibles, especially pills, can be a great option for you.

How to take THC Pills?

THC pills are to be taken like any other pills or supplements. However, the pill you take matters, as different pills have different THC concentrations, anywhere between 5 to 25 m. If you are already aware of your required dosage, then you can go ahead and start, but if you are unaware, then it is advised to start small about 5 mg and then gradually built your way up.

You can take pills with food or on an empty stomach, both are fine. However, many consumers suggest that pills taken on an empty stomach tend to work faster. On average, the effects kick in about 30 to 45 minutes and can last for up to about 6 hours. But it is strongly recommended not to take another pill for at least 3 hours after consuming one dosage, as it is possible that your body may not have metabolized, what you have consumed earlier.

How Much do THC Pills cost?

The cost varies depending on several different factors, such as potency, quantity, availability, and local taxes. But the average cost for 100mg THC concentration- 30 pills can be around $100. You may enquire to your nearest dispensary and find out the cost. Also, the cost will be reduced with a lower concentration of THC.

What is the average shelf life of THC Pills?

The average shelf life of pills is about 1 year, but it may vary based on the manufacturer. But, make sure you keep them in an airtight container away from heat and light, as they can cause damage to the pills.

THC Pills vs Edibles-

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THC pills can also be understood as a form of edible. However, there are some advantages to pills as compared to other edibles-

  • Pills allow you to consume THC, without any added sweetener or artificial flavours, that might not be good for your body.
  • Depending on the pills you choose, you may find that Pills are more economical as compared to other edibles out there.
  • THC pills may even include other ingredients such as vitamins and CBD oil, that can further enhance the benefits.

Are THC pills legal?

THC Pills are considered legal for both adult and medical use in some states. However, states have strict rules, and cannabis is a regulated product. Some states allow cannabis only for medical use. 

Also, some states permit products with a low content of THC. While some states have completely banned cannabis products. So, you would need to research and find out about the laws associated with cannabis. At the federal level, cannabis products remain classified as Schedule 1 substances under the Controlled Substance Act, making all cannabis products illegal at the federal level. And it is advised not to get into any unlawful activity or try to procure pills illegally.