The Appropriate Way to Cannabis Microdosing

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Smoking or consuming cannabis can be fun until you find yourself in distress, or sometimes, it is an odd situation. Most of the time, cannabis can make your stress fly away and give you a feeling of being out of this world. However, over-consumption can make things less comfortable. Knowing the right amount of cannabis and using it appropriately is what cannabis micro-dosing is all about.

Cannabis micro-dosing – explained!

It may not be a completely new concept, but it has started to rise in popularity in the cannabis community. Miscrodosing refers to consuming a small amount of cannabis over the course of the day rather than taking a large amount in one go. When you take a huge amount of THC in one go, it can make you feel too high and incapable of doing away with the daily chores.

On the other hand, through micro-dosing, one can maintain a decent level of THC effect and feel relaxed while going through the daily tasks easily. It allows one to maintain cannabis consumption at the right level without feeling uncomfortable.

For those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes, micro-dosing is a more common practice. However, for those who consume cannabis for fun and recreational activities, micro-dosing can also be a great experience while remaining completely functional.

Right dosage to microdose cannabis

It is important to know the right dosage to micro-dose cannabis, but it is extremely difficult to pin it down. It is because every person has different tolerance levels to cannabis, and THC effects may differ from person to person. One person’s microdose may be too much for another; hence, a universal micro-dosing recommendation is nearly impossible.

Apart from the above-given reason, little to no research can determine the appropriate level of THC consumption for micro-dosing. As per one of the most recent studies, patients who need cannabis micro-dosing can prefer 500 mcg of THC for symptom relief. At the same time, it must be kept in mind that 1000 mcg or micrograms of THC equals 1 mg.

Normally, the amount of THC for cannabis micro-dosing should be very small in every dose. It would be a great start if one could start with half a gram of THC. It is because, as per the micro-dosing trends, the level should remain in milligrams and within single digits only. 

Value of micro-dosing with cannabis

Every person cannot enjoy while intoxicated, and it is the situation for cannabis users. People who prefer consuming only a therapeutic amount of cannabis are the ones who majorly support cannabis micro-dosing

For instance, anyone using THC to relieve symptoms can go for micro-dosing periodically to get relief from their symptoms and still be alert and functional. At the same time, the same can be applied to people who use cannabis for its therapeutic psychoactive activities. You may take the example of people suffering from anxiety who use cannabis to get relief from it. 

When you do micro-dosing with cannabis, the intake is limited to a sustainable level that provides relief but does not interfere with your brain activities or physical functions.

Cannabis micro-dosing directions

There is a need for high personalization in cannabis micro-dosing. Everyone has their level of tolerance to THC and perceptions regarding cannabis intake. In order to reach the desired effects without feeling intoxicated by cannabis consumption, there is a requirement for a trial. 

It may also lead to errors and success in the first few trials.

There is a highly sophisticated method to know how much THC a person needs; the details are given below.

  •                 Stop consuming cannabis for a few days.
  •                 After a few days, take only 1 mg of THC for the first time.
  •                 Prepare notes on how you feel for the first 45 minutes.
  •                 Increase the THC consumption by 1 mg and compare how you feel.
  •                 Keep increasing the THC consumption at the same rate, and when you feel a notable difference, even if it is minute, you will know your effective level.

From that level of THC, make the tiniest increments over time and reach the best therapeutic range of THC for your body.

Why should one do cannabis micro-dosing?

Cannabis is no longer stigmatized; hence, people are curious to know about it. Moreover, people have also started using it in their daily lives for its therapeutic properties. 

Incorporating weed into your daily routine can give you several advantages, but it must always be done through cannabis micro-dosing. It can enhance productivity, creativity, and mental functionality without interfering with brain activities or physical capabilities.

Microdosing has to be the right approach for the intake of THC because it may also have several side effects. Everyone may be unable to tolerate the high THC dosage, and some people also experience panic attacks or confusion. While consumed at lower levels, THC will exert a highly therapeutic effect on patients and leave minimal to no side effects.

Regular consumption of cannabis in high doses leads to overwhelming the cannabinoid receptors, which become dull over time. However, through micro-dosing, body receptor overdosing can be prevented, and consumers will only get slight to mild effects of cannabis consumption, which is beneficial.

Tips to control cannabis tolerance while micro-dosing

Cannabis tolerance begins when the receptors in your brain, which are triggered by THC, start to weaken. Due to this, the results you get from consuming THC decrease over time. However, with appropriate tips, while you are doing cannabis micro-dosing, the tolerance can be kept low. A few of these tips are explained below.

  1. Reducing the amount of cannabis you consume regularly can help. You can also start giving yourself regular intervals between the times you consume THC.
  2. Make sure to keep the dose of cannabis consistent and use it only when required. Using cannabis doses higher than required, can lead to higher tolerance, and after a certain level, there will be noticeably less effect of cannabis consumption on your body.
  3. Prefer consuming precisely formulated products that come in a single-dose form. It helps you rigidly control your cannabis consumption levels for better therapeutic results. Some products contain THC levels as low as 1 mg per single dose. 

Even though cannabis micro-dosing is quite popular these days, the concept is not completely developed. It is still unfolding, but the advantages and potential of cannabis micro-dosing are highly apparent. This technique of getting therapeutic advantages out of cannabis is changing the lives of people and helping them with anxiety, and other problems.

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