The Most Exotic Cannabis Strains Out There

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Smoking or consuming cannabis strains is one of the best experiences that you may enjoy in your lifetime. Sitting amidst the tranquillity of a beachside at night or some mountainous place is nothing short of an exotic experience. Though cannabis might be a great addition during your holidays and other enthusiastic outings, it can help you end the day on a great note.

There might be numerous cannabis strains in the market to catch your attention, but might not be good enough to catch your taste buds and emotions. Here you require the best and the most exotic cannabis strains to feed your need and feel what you deserve.

Are you still searching for the most exotic strains? Well, your search ends here as we bring the best choices below from where you make the choices that appeal to you. Consequently, what you can do is try them all one-by-one to understand which meets your parameters the most.

The List of most exotic cannabis strains for you

  • Bubba Kush

When a conversation comes up regarding the most exotic cannabis strains, there is no beginning without the mention of Bubba Kush. Courtesy of its high doses of THC, Bubba Kush facilitates the relaxation of the body and mind. Owing to its wide-ranging relaxing effects, the Indica strain stands on top of cannabis popularity.

The 26% cannabinoid content comes with a sweet aroma and chocolaty undertone that appears to be the perfect company after a stressful day at work.

  • Malawi Gold

Belonging to the family of Sativa strains, Malawi gold comes with an impressive 16% THC content. The cannabis strain gained immense popularity owing to its effects on the human mind and body. As a cannabis lover, you would love to have your hands on this desirable cannabis strain that has a star-gazing look of gold-colored buds.

The strain comes with a high potency that gifts you immense relaxation after its consumption. Your mind starts soaring and the creative part of it starts getting activated. No wonder why people become philosophers after their consumption!

Malawi Gold also has a longer harvesting period since it depends on the sun for its growth and transformation.

  • Frisian Drew

Frisian Drew emerges as one of the best hybrid strains in the cannabis market. With 50% concentration of Indica and Sativa each, this is one balanced strain that you can try. The cannabis strain is different from others owing to its combination structure where the leaves appear deformed. In addition, the strain has a lower THC concentration that differentiates it from the other strains.

Well, Frisian Drew might be that spice you would prefer adding to your life. Garbed under a peppery taste, the strain induces relaxation with a voluminous burst of freshness and energy to win the day.

  • Snowcap

Snowcap is another solid addition to this list that appears to be a hybrid strain with a 50% concentration of Sativa and Indica respectively. With a CBD concentration of 0.4%, the THC levels can go as high as 22%. This cannabis strain is a new addition to the family. 

The strain offers a refreshing feeling with its citrus and lemony aroma. In addition, the relaxing effect holds the ability to impress you, no matter how experienced a cannabis user you are.

  • Pinkman Goo

With the aroma that would remind you of sweet sea pods, the Pinkman Good cannabis strain is a unique variant in the family. Besides the aroma, the taste of a succulent lemon might get you grooving to the feeling. Provided you are an enthusiastic cannabis grower, the strain would be a good option to start with.

Born out of Ghost Train and Purple Kush, Pinkman Goo reflects its uniqueness through its aroma, hardness, taste and lineage. Even on the most frustrating or laziest days, the strain will cheer you up. The thick and sticky characteristic of the strain shouldn’t divert you from trying it.

  • Green Crack

Green Crack is one of the most popular cannabis strains among cannabis users in the United States. The list can never be complete without the mention of this exotic strain. The pure Sativa variant comes with a citrus smell to win your olfactory, while the tangy taste will get you swinging.

The strain is popular for its ability to inject anybody with confidence and energy. Consuming this strain will turn you into a talkative and outgoing individual, even if you are an introvert.

  • Platinum OG

As the name suggests, this strain comes infused with one of the rarest metals on planet earth, Platinum. Platinum OG is popular for inducing relaxing effects, where you can drive your stress off without a second thought.

Besides the relaxing element, the strain has other benefits that help in ranking its popularity.

  • Granddaddy Purple

Talking about a strain that is one of a kind, Granddaddy purple holds the supremacy to win your day. Purple Urkle and Big Bud are the parents of this unique hybrid strain that has Thai Sativa and Afghani Indica

The grapy aroma aided in boosting its popularity over the years. The Purple Ukele is responsible for the grapy taste and aroma that not only attracts the cannabis smoker but also makes it irresistible for non-smokers.

  • Master Kush

Years of careful breeding led to the birth of this unique variant known as Master Kush. Two landrace strains from India and Pakistan are responsible for reflecting an undying class. The hash-like flavour is a testimony to its high potency which makes the strain an intense one.

The citrus smell guided with subtle earth hints makes it unique. The hard chakras flavour gives a vintage appeal to the strain that will offer you an undying relaxation throughout the body. A sharp mind might be another advantage you get out of the strain.

  • Sweet and Sour Widow

The steady feeling offered by this hybrid cannabis strain is worth the try. The balance received from smoking will help you survive the day.

Final Thoughts

What’s keeping you waiting? Choose the exotic cannabis strain from the list above that appeal to you and get your much-needed dose of tranquillity and energy.