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Enhancing Your Cannabis Experience: 6 Tips for a Memorable Smoke Session

6 cannabis smoking hacks
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While lighting up with friends​ can be a great bonding experience, it’s important to keep ​things fresh and​ exciting. 

Follow these 6 cannabis smoking hacks to take your next group smoke session to the next level!

1. Invest in high-quality glassware

The first one of the cannabis smoking hacks for enhancing your smoke sesh is to ditch those old aluminum cans and invest in some proper glassware. Premium glass bongs, pipes, and bubblers can make a world of difference when it comes to cooling and filtering the smoke. This results in smoother, cleaner hits that are easier on the throat and lungs. High-end borosilicate glass is also more durable and can last for years with proper care.

When shopping for glassware, look for reputable brands like Roor, Illadelph, and Toro. Go for pieces with percolators and ice notches to further filter and cool the vapor. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a quality glass piece can make! Having a few different types of glassware for variety and passing around only adds to the fun which makes it one of the popular cannabis smoking hacks.

2. Use double or triple filtered water

To take your glassware to the next level, look into using double or triple filtered water instead of tap water. It is among the cannabis smoking hacks that says unfiltered tap water can lend undesirable flavors and minerals to the smoking experience. Opting for distilled, purified or even alkaline water results in the cleanest and smoothest hits possible.

Experiment with different water filtration setups to see what works best. Some smokers swear by frozen water as an innovative way to cool down smoke. Others prefer room-temperature distilled water for optimum smoothness. No matter your preference, dialing in the water filtration makes a noticeable difference.

If using ice cubes and some other cannabis smoking hacks, be sure to use filtered water for making them as well. Keep the bong ice catch stocked with frozen cubes before a smoke session. As the ice gradually melts and diffuses into the water, it provides constant cooling and filtration effects.

3. Incorporate concentrates for an enhanced experience

Smoking cannabis flower is great, but taking things up a notch with concentrates can make for a truly elevated smoke sesh making the cannabis smoking hacks important. Concentrates are made by extracting trichomes and terpenes from plant material, resulting in products with very high cannabinoid and flavor concentrations.

Popular cannabis smoking hacks says to include shatter, budder, live resin, rosin, vape cartridges, and more. Adding a dab of wax or splash of cannabis oil into your smoking mix leads to enhanced potency and full-spectrum effects. Connoisseurs also praise the intricate aromas and flavors that concentrates provide.

When consuming concentrates, be sure to start small with tiny “dabs.” Concentrates are considerably stronger than flowers, so a little goes a long way. Consider investing in a dab rig or attachment if you want to elevate your concentrate consumption. Enjoy the wide array of strains and flavor profiles that concentrates have to offer!

4. Inhale like a pro

Many cannabis smokers don’t realize there is actually skill and technique involved in proper inhalation. Simply pulling smoke into your mouth doesn’t allow for much absorption or effective hits. Learning how to inhale properly makes a noticeable difference in how high you get.

As you take a hit, first pull smoke into your mouth but don’t swallow. Let it pool for a second or two. Once your mouth is full of dense smoke, take a deep additional breath down into your lungs. Picture the smoke diffusing through the alveoli in your lungs as you inhale deeply.

Hold it for 2-3 seconds, then exhale slowly. Coughing means you inhaled too much smoke at once. Take controlled, measured hits instead of big rapid puffs. With practice, you’ll be pulling in massive lungfuls like a pro. The key is slowly drawing smoke deep into the lungs rather than just the mouth. See how high you can get with good technique!

5. Add moisture to your stash

One hack that many stoners swear by is adding moisture back into dry cannabis flower. Weed that sits out for a long time can become brittle and crumbly, which affects taste and burn quality. Returning moisture helps restore flavor profiles and leads to smooth, even burning.

The simplest method is adding a small piece of lettuce or citrus peel to your stash container. The produce will release subtle moisture over time, rehydrating the buds. Just be sure to check frequently and remove the produce before mold sets in.

For quick rehydration, place a bud in an airtight container along with a moist cotton ball or damp (not dripping) paper towel. Let it sit for a few hours until the flower feels appropriately softened and spongy again. Your lungs and taste buds will thank you!

6. Consider a tolerance break

This one of the cannabis smoking hacks isn’t about enhancing a particular smoke session but improving your overall cannabis experience. Many habitual smokers develop a sky-high tolerance, needing more and more weed to get high. The best way to reset your tolerance is by taking a tolerance break.

Abstain from all cannabis use for 1-2 weeks, allowing your cannabinoid receptors to clear out and reset to baseline levels. When you resume smoking again, you’ll be amazed at how little it takes to send you soaring. Your wallet will also thank you, as you’ll start saving money by needing less weed.

Breaks are especially effective for heavy concentrate users with permanently high tolerances. Even just 48 hours off can make a noticeable difference. Plan your tolerance break ahead and stick to it. Gather some willpower and turn it into a reset for your cannabis enjoyment.

Enhance your next session

Next time you gather with friends for a smoke session, keep these cannabis hacks in mind. Proper glassware, filtered water, inhale technique, concentrates and more all contribute to a memorable, elevated experience. Don’t just smoke the same old bowl in the same old way.

Implementing even just a few of these tips will make your next smoke sesh more enjoyable all around. Part of the fun is trying out new accessories and methods each time. Discover your personal preferences and what provides the ultimate high for you.

The key is paying some attention to the details, rather than mindlessly smoking any old weed in any old pipe. Treat yourself to an enhanced cannabis experience by adding a few small tweaks. Your senses will thank you!

So grab your grinder, pack the perfect bowl, and get ready for an epic smoke session. With quality bud, good friends and these cannabis smoking hacks, you’re sure to have a blast! What are you waiting for? Fire it up!

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