Top 6 Glass Blunts to Buy in 2022

Top 6 Glass Blunts to Buy in 2022
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Interested in finding only the best glass blunts? If so, then you need to know about different wonderful glass blunts. This guide will help you understand which blunt is the best for you. Check out the list and decide on a glass blunt of your choice!

The marijuana community is exciting and always willing to try out new, trendy products like blunt glass pipes in the modern era. Some could argue that glass blunts are on the verge of a revolution in this booming market. These days, everyone is raving about them! Let’s start with discussing Glass Blunts.

What are glass blunts?

Glass blunts simulate the joint smoking experience without any negative aspects of regular paper joints. They typically consist of a loading chamber and a sliding mouthpiece as their two primary parts. Users can adjust the amount of cannabis fed into the main chamber by moving it back and forth using the sliding mouthpiece.

Users don’t need to carry about a separate container because, unlike bowls, the blunt can hold 1.5–4 grams of cannabis. Some glass blunts even have built-in grinders for marijuana. Because they are compact and undetectable, users can cover the blunt with a rubber cap when they are finished smoking.

Top 10 Glass Blunts You Can Buy in 2022

These are some of the best glass blunts you would love to check out. Let’s dive into it!

1. Spiral Glass Blunt Pipe

The glass blunt experience is enhanced with the Spiral Glass Blunt Pipe. You won’t ever need to repurchase papers because the blunt features a twisted ceramic spiral to avoid metallic corrosion and improve longevity. The chamber of this Spiral Glass Blunt Pipe has a capacity of one gramme of marijuana.

The set includes a wide range of extras, such as an O-Ring to avoid friction and cleaning brushes to maintain the blunt in prime condition. Additionally, silicone covers are included to maintain freshness and lessen the pressure to consume a complete blunt in one sitting.

2. Ooze Slider Glass Blunt

Ooze Slider Glass Blunts combine all the conveniences of smoking glass blunts with a vibrant aesthetic personality. They are fun, cool, and reasonably priced. The straightforward design makes for a smooth smoking experience and simple cleanup. Ooze blunts are strong and portable because the glass is made of borosilicate and is only five inches long.

3. Hemper Glass Blunt

Searching for a special glass blunt? Consider the Hemper Glass Blunt, which is effectively a glass blunt slider. This simple device with a wide mouthpiece offers convenient use. Put the dry herbs in the chamber and make the mouthpiece look like a saxophone. The only distinction? This one is a lot more pleasurable!

4. Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Do you want to give some of your herbs or supplies to friends or enjoy yourself with them? Then perhaps you ought to think about getting the 420Science Sesh Supply Glass Blunt. This blunt glass slider is ideal for individuals who want to share a few puffs yet are always on the run.

Like the original Chillum, this device may be filled with anything from tobacco to dry herbs. Not to add, you can select a colour to match your style from several varieties. Why not spread the love with this 4” glass blunt and the rainbow if you’re feeling very fancy?

5. Two-in-one Ultimate Pipe

Are you looking for a Glass Blunt that can also handle dabs? Users of the Two-In-One Ultimate Pipe may switch between strong wax and dry herb without the hassle of replacing equipment. The silicone casing around the quartz glass blunt may reach a temperature of 550°F.

With its deep bowl, this device can store a sizable quantity of herb, but it may also be used as a dab straw in a pinch. The two-in-one pipe is the only one that is adaptable enough to work as a one-hitter, a joint, and a dab rig, making it the ultimate all-in-one experience.

6. Mag Blunt

The MagBlunt is a special glass blunt that pushes out ash using magnet technology rather than a sliding chamber or a twisting corkscrew. It can fit in a bong, is 14mm downstream compatible, holds up to one gramme of marijuana, and is simple to clean. It’s one of the easiest glass blunts to use, and the magnet and quick cap features ensure consistently fresh hits!

Beginners can find it troubling to shift from paper-based smoking to a glass blunt. However, shifting from joints to blunts would be easier if you got the right glass blunts. This article aims to provide you with the best Glass Blunts in 2022. Different manufacturers make different types of glass blunts. Hence, ensure checking the right features in the blunts before delving into the world of cannabis right from home.