Toronto Dispensaries


Cannabis dispensaries have been increasingly widespread in Toronto since the pandemic. Making several of Toronto’s most popular hangouts, now well-functioning legal cannabis dispensaries. These dispensaries offer more than just a product; they offer a distinct customized experience. Do check out the list of Toronto Dispensaries mentioned below:




  • Canna Cabana

Started in 2009, as a Smoker’s Corner in Calgary. They were only a small cannabis shop which provided cannabis users with a decent buying atmosphere. 


Now, they have a range of cannabis products ranging from flowers, strains, and new vape pens, to optimal topicals and extracts. Though, according to their latest reviews some cannabis users have acknowledged the store’s services and pricing structure at the same time other users were flustered by delayed delivery and insufficient communication from the personnel.



Moving on to the Canna Cabana Dispensary category line, they sell a range of items, including bongs, pipes, vapes, dab rigs, and grinders.


Although the dispensary is open and inviting to all cannabis users, some customers might prefer alternative dispensaries with more helpful and attentive employees.


Customers have given Canna Cabana Dispensary in Toronto mixed reviews. 


Some have appreciated the calming environment and nice staff, while others have raised concerns over the pretty average customer service and unsatisfactory employees. The dispensary may be regarded as well-organized but lacking in distinguishing traits.



  • The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co.

The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Dispensary is a Canadian-owned and run independent retail cannabis dispensary which is also to be Toronto’s first legal cannabis store. 


Since its inception in April 2019, they have grown to 18 sites in the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, Burlington, Milton, Cambridge, St. Catharines, Scarborough, Pickering, Sarnia, and Niagara.


However, a few customers have raised some concerns over the product’s shelf-life and quality. On the flipside, others have praised the store’s layout, noting the sleek and clean-cut appearance as well as the usage of current POS technologies. 


Overall, it appears like The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. Dispensary is a popular option for individuals wanting to buy cannabis in Toronto. While the store’s pricing is tilted on the pricier side, consumers like the store’s vast products and helpful service. 



  • Tokyo Smoke

Alan and Lorne Gertner founded Tokyo Smoke Dispensary in 2015 to establish a convenient venue for cannabis purchases. The brand’s initial store in Toronto after converting into a community centre prompted them to expand to Calgary in 2017 and even won the Best Brand award at the Canadian Cannabis Awards.


Customers have given Tokyo Smoke Dispensary in Toronto decent ratings. While some have praised the store’s vigilant security and diligent employees, others have expressed dissatisfaction with the store’s sluggish service and unreliability of their delivery service.


Owing to the dispensary’s prime location, prices are a bit higher when compared to other cannabis dispensaries in Toronto.


Despite some unfavourable feedback, many consumers value the dispensary’s extensive product range. But some frequent visitors to the store have complained about not being checked for identification, although the staff is generally characterised as kind and helpful. While some customers have complained about Tokyo Smoke Dispensary’s delivery service, many others love buying in-store and have had great cannabis buying experiences.



  • WeLeaf

Another notable cannabis dispensary making to the list of Top Toronto Dispensary is WeLeaf. The dispensary provides its prospective customers with cannabis products through their physical store as well as through the website.


They offer several optimal-quality cannabis products. WeLeaf also has one of the city’s largest selections of dried cannabis. In addition to its delivery system, the dispensary provides free delivery for all mail-cannabis orders within the greater Toronto region, assuring patients’ ease and accessibility.


Though the dispensary largely has gathered positive reviews for its ambience, staff, and product quality, some users have raised concerns over their stock management and certain products’ quality.



  • Fire & Flower Cannabis Co.

Fire & Flower Cannabis Co. was founded in 2018 and provides a wide range of cannabis products. The dispensary is located just outside of Toronto’s bustling Kensington Market. 


This dispensary is easily accessible for cannabis users looking for quality cannabis products and service, given its convenient placement directly on the path of the 510 streetcars. 


Customers have given the Fire & Flower Cannabis Co. Dispensary pretty satisfactory reviews and ratings. Many consumers have enjoyed the dispensary’s great customer service. Even, some liked the friendly atmosphere and wide range of product alternatives.


Overall, Fire & Flower Cannabis Co. Dispensary looks to be a popular place for Toronto cannabis fans, although certain customer service flaws should be rectified.



  • 6ix Dispensary

Customers have given conflicting opinions about Toronto’s 6Six Dispensary. While many customers are pleased with the product quality and the quick delivery service, some have voiced concerns about their delivery driver and the store’s hours of operation. 


One customer specifically complained about their delivery system. Whereas, some customers liked the cannabis products and said that would prefer to buy from the dispensary again. 


Overall, 6Six Dispensary appears to be a dependable alternative for people in need of late-night cannabis delivery, however, communication and operation hours may be improved.



  • Edition X

Edition X Dispensary is a cannabis dispensary located at 270 Dupont St. in Toronto’s Annex, Yorkville, and South Hill neighborhoods. 


Their retail location is intended to give cannabis users a good cannabis purchasing experience as they provide an optimally chosen variety of cannabis items and accessories. 


The staff provides good customer service, whether over the phone, in person, or by delivery.


Moving on to their reviews, customers have given Edition X Dispensary in Toronto pretty mediocre ratings. Some have questioned the store’s prices and service, while others have praised its nice and competent personnel. However, some cannabis users may find the prices to be significantly high.


One of the consumers, in particular, mentioned that his visit to the dispensary was a good experience. Others lauded the dispensary’s convenient placement near other decent restaurants and Studio North. 



Dispensaries in Toronto

Some neighborhoods, such as Kensington Market, which had a few market businesses before legalization in 2018, now have four cannabis shops on a single block. And, due to their wide range of good-quality cannabis products, they have become a one-stop shop to satisfy all of the demands of cannabis customers.


In 2022, there were more than 300 legal retail cannabis dispensaries in Toronto, and the number is anticipated to expand in the coming years. All these dispensaries given their experiences and expertise go above and beyond the fundamentals to provide customers with a satisfying experience.


Moreover, in the city, there is a wide array of dispensaries, ranging from luxurious to adequate. These cannabis shops cater to both experienced cannabis users and those who are new to the cannabis business. They make every effort to suit the demands of every consumer.