Types of Bongs

Types of Bongs
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Every stoner knows the bong, and if you don’t, you haven’t tried real cannabis yet. Bong is simple to use, but shopping for a bong can be a bit overwhelming. 

There are tons of different types of bongs and figuring out the best one for you is hard. In this article, we will list all the different types of bongs, and then you can find the best one for yourself.

What is a bong?

For those who are unaware of the bong, it is magical equipment, which takes you to heaven. Just kidding, a bong is a filtration device generally used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, or other herbal substances. A bong consists of a heated bowl, a water reservoir, and a tube with a mouthpiece to smoke. The working of a bong is very similar to a hookah, it’s just more portable.

The 14 different types of bongs-

When buying a bong, there are two main factors to consider- material and style.

Let us start with different styles of bong first-

  1.     Straight Tube/ Cylinder Bong

As its name suggests, this bong just consists of a straight tube and a mouthpiece. This is a very common type of bong and is really inexpensive due to its simple design. You can find them in your nearest stores or online easily. You would just have to pour a bit of water into the tube, place your product in the bowl, and enjoy. simple and easy to use.

  1.     Beaker Bong

This is the first-time bong, and most people buy this when trying bongs for the first time. This looks very similar to some chemistry lab equipment. The bong has a beaker shape, with a wide base and a straight tube up above. The shape makes it very stable and thus low chance of getting tipped over. 

Another added advantage of using this Bong is you can add an ash catcher. In addition to this, you can also add a diffused down stem to filter the smoke. The smoking process is similar to the previous one, you just have to add cannabis, and water, light the fire, and enjoy.

  1.     Round Base Bong

As the name suggests, this bong has a round base. It is a popular design as it has a heavy bottom base, leading to an enhanced experience. You must be wondering; how would it stand still if the bottom is round? Don’t worry because even if the bottom is round, the base is still flat and will stand still. Regardless of the design, the process to use is similar to the previous ones.

  1.     Multi-chamber Bong

At first, it might look very complex, but it is easy to use. These are used to smoke multiple products at a time. And they all have at least two sets of percolators (small glass contraptions that capture water to filter the smoke). Percolators are useful as they add one more layer to smoke filtration, making your fit smoother and better. As their design is complex, they are difficult to build and thus are sold at an expensive price.

  1.     Cyclone Bong

This is probably the coolest bong. It consists of a spiral design known as a tornado in a straight tube, making water swirl around in a spiral pattern. This design is not only aesthetically appealing but also cools down the smoke. As the water swirls around the chamber, it leads to cooler and more filtered smoke.

  1.     Matrix Bong

This is going to blow your mind. This bong consists of a percolator, that has a 360-degree mesh that turns smoke into a million tiny bubbles. This provides an incredible smoke diffusion.

  1.     Zong Bong

This probably has the craziest design. The straight tube is shaped into a Z shape. Just imagine how good would it look when you hit it. Along with the great design, it has a practical use as well, this bong is easy to use, and the smoke is cooler. But the drawback is they are easy to tip over, so you need to be careful.

  1.     Mini Bongs

Mini bongs can range anywhere between 6 to 10 inches in size and use water to filter out smoke. You can find them in many different materials. There are two main advantages associated with mini-bong- first, they are easy to carry and are cheap as compared to full-size bongs.

  1.     Bubblers

These baby bongs are usually a handful. They are most portable and use water to filter out smoke. They require a very low amount of water. These come in a variety of designs and are inexpensive. But the drawback is you won’t be able to fit in any accessories like percolators or ash catchers.

  1.   Dab rigs

These are not for smoking herbs but concentrates. A dab rig is a separate water container, made for concentrates. This bong is usually small in size and consists of a quartz banger instead of a bowl. You would need to use a blow torch to heat up the dab rig. Then just give it a few seconds to cool down and then you can take a hit.

  1.   Tree Perc Bong

This is the most popular type of percolator or percolator bong. A tree perc bong consists of a glass bulb at the top that connects to the straight tube to give the appearance of tree limbs. The higher the number of limbs, the higher the filtration.

  1.   Showerhead Perc Bong

This bong has a design that is similar to that of a beaker bong. That straight pipe has perc at the opening of the round base, thus providing a smooth hit.

  1.   Honeycomb Bong

It is known to provide the world’s smoothest hit. A honeycomb perc is a flat glass disc with tiny holes, resembling the actual Honeycomb design. These help in better filtration of smoke because they are flat. You can easily have 2-3 perc in a single bong.

  1.   Incline Perc Bong

If you have got deep pockets, then this is the suggested one to go for. Eye-catching design and smooth hits. It is also a type of multi-chamber bong, consisting of both inline as well as tree percolators. As the smoke passes through two perc, it is smooth and provides a blissful experience.

Different types of Bong material out there-

  1.     Classic Glass

This is a very popular option and is good for beginners. And the best thing is they come in all shapes and sizes. Also, they are highly compatible with accessories, and you have multiple accessories to cool down the smoke. This has drawbacks- it gets quite dirty and can break easily, but if you buy a bong made from thick glass then it will prove to be durable.

  1.     Scientific glass

This is glass but not the one you use at your house; it is the one used in labs. It is known as Borosilicate glass and can withstand rapid changes in temperature easily. As they are durable and can go on for years, you would have to drop some cash as well. And they are often sold with accessories such as perc, and ice notches, as well.

  1.     Silicone

You must have played with silicone toys and now as you grow up, you have a silicone bong. These are nearly indestructible and can take a beating as well. They are perfect and even eye catchy. However, they come with accessories.

  1.     Ceramic

Glass and silicone would work perfectly fine. But ceramic is also fine while smoking. They are less reactive and are a bit more durable, than glass. They are indeed beautiful and you can paint them. But they are opaque so you won’t be able to enjoy looking at the smoke.