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Use of Cannabis to Improve your Pet’s Health

CBD for pet health
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Having a pet in the family is no less than having a member. Everyone wants to ensure proper care of their pets, and you can do that now with CBD for pets

Various treatments may be available for treating health issues in pets, but now, you can also use cannabis in many ways.

Cannabis for pets

The effect of cannabis on pets works in the same way as cannabis does on humans. Intake of cannabis products by pets leads to its interaction with the receptors and enzymes in their bodies, affecting their psychological activities. 

Various health issues in pets along with humans can be cured using cannabis products such as dogs CBD oil from cbdnorth, including pain, inflammation, and mood.

Research on cannabis for pets

Even though cannabis has always shown positive effects on pets, little research has been done in this area. Today, cannabis is recommended for pets, whether from the personal experience of veterinarians or pet caretakers.

However, as the use of cannabis for healing pets is growing in numbers, the studies regarding the same are also likely to shoot up. With the growth in studies related to this topic, there will be more guidance for veterinarians and pet parents on properly using CBD for pets.

Is cannabis safe for pets?

Yet, there has not been an official approval for using cannabis or related products on pets. It refers to the fact that the products you can find in the market are not tested for their safety and effectiveness on animals. It is also important to remember that some companies sell products over false medical claims to boost sales.

At the same time, one must remember that there are also concerns regarding CBD product quality. The product you purchase from such companies may have a different dosage of THC from what is mentioned on the label. Still, if you are looking for products you can use on your pets, it is important to do some extra digging.

Health benefits of cannabis for pets

Now that we have understood how cannabis works on pets, it is time to learn the health benefits of CBD for pets. Here are some important advantages cannabis can deliver to your pet’s health.

Pain relief

Cannabis has been known for its pain-relieving properties for years now. Humans find it easy to relieve pain using cannabis products, and it works the same way with CBD for pets. There can be various conditions in pets that make them feel intense pain, like arthritis, and nerve damage. In such conditions, using cannabis as a pain reliever could be a good option.

Reduce anxiety

Anyone who is a pet lover knows that pets do experience anxiety like humans. It can be because of stress, loud noises, and shifting to a new environment. Cannabis can promote relaxation in pets and help them counter anxiety.


Inflammation is very common in pets, and it can be because of various reasons. Pets go through various health issues like allergies and infections, which can cause inflammation in various areas of their bodies. Cannabis is well known to help relieve inflammation, and in the same way, it can help healing in pets. Its use will help in reducing inflammation and also alleviate symptoms.

Improve in appetite

Just like humans, pets can lose their appetite because of various reasons, including illness and medications. To improve their appetite, one can give them CBD for pets in any form possible, as it will increase and regulate their hunger.

Seizure management

Seizures are highly common in pets and mostly in dogs. Various medications may be available for seizures in pets, but it does not mean that they will work on all pets. Some medications may not work for your pet at all, and in such cases, cannabis can be a good alternative. Cannabis can effectively reduce the severity and frequency of seizures in dogs and other pets.

Proper administration of cannabis to pets

If you plan to use CBD for pets at home, you don’t need to become an expert yourself. There could be further problems if cannabis is not properly administered to your pets. There are various things to be kept in mind for the appropriate administration of CBD for pets for healing, which are mentioned below.

Consult with your vet

There may be no need to talk to the vet if you are giving a very low dose of cannabis to your pet, but to avoid any complications, it is better to talk with him. You can get advice on the right dosage that will work for your pet and information on the frequency for the same. With proper guidance from your vet, avoiding any side effects or risks of CBD for pets in your house will be easier.

Choose the best product

There are various CBD for pets products available in the market, including oils, treats, and tinctures. However, finding the best one will still be a complicated task. It is important to understand that choosing the best quality product for your pet needs to be your priority. It ensures that there are no side effects and gives the best results. Also, never forget to check the proportions of CBD and THC as per the dosage needs of your pet.

Start with low-dose

Just like humans, different pets may show different responses to a particular dose of CBD for pets. Therefore, it is important to find out the right dosage level. You can do it by starting with a low dosage and monitoring its effects. If everything goes well, you can increase the dosage and repeat the same cycle until the desired level is reached.

Monitor your pet closely

Even though CBD for pets is safe, it is important to watch your pet closely to notice changes in its behavior or any potential side effects. In case there are any symptoms of side effects like vomiting or diarrhea, stop the consumption and consult your veterinarian.

Keep the products away

Storage of cannabis products in an appropriate place is as important as giving it to your pet. While CBD for pets is safe, its overdose is always harmful. You may prefer keeping it in a locked cabinet or any drawer to avoid accidental ingestion.

Cannabis dosage for pets

As there are no approved cannabis products to be used on pets and other animals, it may not be possible to know exactly the right dosage for your pet. In case your vet has recommended CBD for pets in your house, closely follow their instructions and dosage.

Cannabis has several potential benefits for pets, and it can support the healing of various internal injuries as well. Always ensure to get the perfect products with all the information on their label, and never fall for cheaper products. 

Keep in mind that the health and safety of your pet are your priority, and consulting the vet, rather than being one yourself, is the best option before using CBD for pets.

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