Different Type of Vape Pens and Accessories

Different type of vape pens and accessories
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Buying a vape pen can be thrilling. Vape Pens are small, portable device that runs on a battery with a heating coil to produce vapour allowing you to enjoy vaping practically anywhere. They are widely used to enjoy CBD and other cannabinoids.

Different types of vape pens in the US

There are a few distinguishing characteristics that distinguish the various types of vape pens available today. Take a look below to find the different types of vape pens.

  • Fixed Voltage

These are great for beginners and do not allow for changes in temperatures or voltage. They are especially found in a disposable vape pen with restricted features. Although fixed voltage vape pens are budget-friendly, regular vapers gradually shift to variable voltage style.

  • Variable Voltage

A variable voltage vape pen allows you to select the voltage at which your battery operates, irrespective of how much power remains in it. Simply put, the higher the voltage you set, the higher the heat that intensifies or lessens certain variables in the vape.

It uses a 510 battery that allows you to control the temperature of the vape pen that is used for enhancing the flavour, smoothness, intensity, and hit of the vape.

  • Variable Temperature

This is similar to variable voltage vape pens with a minor difference as it shows the temperature options in degrees. 

Vape pens with e-liquids have variable voltage while vape pens with dry herbs come with variable temperatures. However, the result is the same.

Once you have understood the distinguishing features, take a look at the general accessories you can expect in a vape pen.

Different accessories for vape pens

No matter what you vape, whether dry herbs, extracts, or e-liquids, every device needs support. All vape pens are similar when it comes to the main accessories even though each has a different construction.

  • Battery

Every vape pen needs batteries to operate that are usually lithium-ion and can be recharged with a mini-USB charging cord. 

Vape batteries usually come in the form of small pens that either need specialized pre-filled cartridges or have compartments where juice or concentrate is loaded into. The battery life depends on the model you buy and the usage.

  • Tank

The tank stores your oil or e-liquid before it is vaporized. It can be something that you refill or maybe a disposable mod. The chambers are mostly clear so that you can see when you need to refill or replace the tank.

  • Atomizer

In vape terms, an atomizer is a component where the e-liquid is vaporized. 

  • Charger

The USB charger is usually at the bottom of the vape pen and allows any vape pen 510 batteries to be charged with a mini-USB charging port. You must choose the right charger to limit the risk of damaging your battery. 

  • Mouthpiece

The width of the mouthpiece affects the vapour formation as well as the depth of the flavour that you will experience.

  • Buttons

Some vape pens get activated once you draw on the pen. Other models have buttons for activating and altering the intensity of the atomizer.

Other types of vape pens

Take a look at some examples of typical vape pens available in the market.

  • Cartridge Pens

They come with replaceable tanks that eliminate the need to measure your e-liquid. Simply replace the cartridge and have a vape-filled day.

  • Dry Herb Vape Pen

You may use this vape pen if you do not prefer to use oils or juices. Just put your ground herb into the tank. It is perfect for those who want to enjoy CBD or cannabis. 

  • Dab or Wax Vape Pen

This is loaded with thick nectar, so it requires a special kind of chamber. The higher the heat, the better the wax gets pulled. They are an expensive option for regular vapers. Filling these pens is complicated as compared to other vape pens.

Buying the best vape pen

Picking the best vape pen depends on your needs and personal preference. However, buying them from authentic online reputable sellers means you should check for independent lab results that can be found on the supplier’s website.

Check the brand’s reputation and review customer comments to determine if the supplier is worth purchasing pens from.

Final Words

Vape pens are fun and convenient to use but most important are your needs, budget, and your willingness to try new flavours. Hope this guide brought you a few steps closer to looking for the best vape pen.

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