What Does the Term ‘Wake and Bake’ Mean?

Wake and Bake
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Wake and bake, my buddy. Wake And Bake

No, we are not referring to heated ovens, mixing bowls, or fluffy scones. That’s not your typical wake-and-bake. Wake and bake refer to the act of consuming cannabis first thing in the morning before anything else. Doesn’t that sound like fun? It is. When done incorrectly, though, it produces more lows than highs.

In this article, we’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of the practice, as well as provide some pointers for a consistently excellent wake-and-bake experience.

What Are Wake and Bake?

As we stated in the beginning, wake and bake are all about getting the high first thing in the morning.

Some stoner fanatics believe you can only get a proper wake-and-bake if you start the procedure as soon as you wake up.

They’ll let you sit up in bed — or wherever you sleep — and pack a bowl or roll a joint (though both tasks are generally best done the night before), but that’s about it.

They might even let you use the restroom if you make a good enough case. But you must return to it straight away.

That, we believe, is overly stringent and imposes unnecessary constraints.

In reality, such rules can derail the experience (getting high on a full bladder is not the most enjoyable event).

However, as a general guideline — and to be clear — wake and bake refer to taking cannabis right after waking up.

It doesn’t have to be the first thing you do before your head leaves the pillow, but it should be within the first 5 to 10 minutes after your body gets out of bed.

What Is the Origin of Wake and Bake?

People have historically gotten high first thing in the morning, but stoners didn’t coin the phrase “wake and bake” until at least the 1990s. Bake is a slang term for “being high.”

According to the 2017 Global Drug Survey, the United States leads the globe in waking and baking, with 22% of cannabis users smoking within 10 minutes of waking up. Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of those high numbers, especially as more US states allow medical and recreational marijuana: Colorado has a “pot hotel” called Bud + Breakfast, and cannabis coffee pods and pot bacon are available for the most important meal of the day.

Source: The country with the highest proportion of marijuana users who wake and bake is the United States.Global Drug Survey

However, addiction experts are less optimistic about the wake and bake. They see it as an indication of addiction, much as drinking in the morning can signify alcoholism.

Why Do People Wake Up and Bake

According to studies, more than 20% of cannabis users have a wake-and-bake schedule. But why are they doing it?

Experts have yet to discover a research-backed explanation for the “why” of it. However, one thing is certain: with each passing year, this practice becomes more popular throughout the cannabis community.

One probable explanation is that taking cannabis on an empty stomach produces more psychotropic effects than consuming it on a full stomach. The same is true for the morning’s first cup of black coffee. Consuming cannabis without food may improve the potency of the substance.

Tips for a Stellar Wake and Bake

  • Before you begin, drink two cups of water.

After eight hours of sleep, your body is already dehydrated, and a wake and bake will worsen.

Drink two cups of water before smoking marijuana for a better overall experience.

  • Wake and bake, bake, bake.

After a healthy round of wake and bake, your morning bowl of Cap’N Crunch will taste heavenly.

When you wake up and bake before breakfast, even the all-veggie smoothie that looks like dirt and tastes like dead leaves will taste like ambrosia in your mouth.

Make some pancakes, waffles, or even a coffee cake to satiate those morning munchies (a.k.a. breakfast) and discover the true meaning of the word “Yum!”

  • Select the method that is best for you

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase wake and bake is probably a blunt, joint, or spliff.

But you can get high whatever you want — it will still be a wake and bake.

If smoking isn’t your thing, consider the following alternatives:

  • Tinctures
  • Coffee
  • Cannabis oil
  • Liquid THC
  • Patches
  • Hash
  • Distillates
  • Weed tea

There are so many options available that you’re bound to find one that works for you.

  • Shower and brush your teeth after waking up and baking.

You will smell like marijuana if you smoke your weed in the morning rather than using a tincture or patch.

Shower and clean your teeth once you’ve woken up and baked.

  • Do not smoke while wearing work clothes

On a related point, avoid smoking in or near your work clothing.

You don’t want to smell like marijuana in the office unless you work at a dispensary or a marijuana farm. That’s a surefire prescription for tragedy.

  • Be patient.

Feeling comfortable before, during, and after the wake-and-bake draw is important. But if you rush to the end, you’ll miss out on one of the pleasures of dating Mary Jane.

Take your time and have fun with it. That involves getting up a little earlier than usual.

Your day will be improved as a result.

  • Use eye drops to remove the red

Nobody believes allergies cause your red eyes; believe us.

If you wake up and bake, use eye drops to remove the red before (and even after) your shower.

Tips for post-wake and bake

A wake-and-bake process does not finish after the food is consumed. Providing your body with the nutrition required to function properly throughout the day is critical. It is also critical to guarantee that you reap any potential benefits from cannabis’s medical effects.

Following a wake-and-bake schedule, your routine should look like this:

  • Keep yourself hydrated.

After eating cannabis in the morning, it is vital to hydrate your body. Fluids help wash out pollutants and keep your body in top shape. Furthermore, after the effects of THC wear off, a properly hydrated body will feel less weary.

  • Eat a nutritious breakfast.

After you finish your routine, it is best to have a healthy breakfast with plenty of carbs and protein before you begin your day. This will assist your body in performing effectively and maximizing the medical benefits of your recently consumed cannabis.

Top 6 Potential Benefits of Wake and Bake

  • The most important meal of the day is breakfast.

Many people do not have breakfast in the morning. Some people prefer not to eat in the morning because they adopt dieting practices such as intermittent fasting. Others are not hungry in the morning, or they rush through their routine, ignoring their hunger cues or forgetting to eat.

If you eat enough throughout the day, you probably don’t need to worry about breakfast. If you’re aware that you’re not devoting enough time to eating healthy meals, a little weed might help.

Smoking marijuana can serve as a reminder to eat breakfast. Your body will use the energy from your diet to help jumpstart your daily metabolism. You won’t notice you’re hungry until midday, or worse, you’ll put off eating actual food and binge on snacks more than you’d like.

Make some healthy breakfasts for yourself, such as overnight oats with fruit. When you get up, get your hunger going and eat a good breakfast. It simplifies your morning routine and assists you in developing better habits.

  • It’s more of a mood booster than coffee.

If you’ve been drinking coffee your entire life, you’ve undoubtedly recognized that your morning cup or two is the bare minimum of what you need to function. Caffeine is a stimulant, but if you’ve built a tolerance to it, it doesn’t quite get you going as it should.

You’re not feeling inspired, creative, or concentrated. You barely have the energy to put one foot in front of the other.

Cannabis, particularly Sativa strains, has a different stimulating effect. Some people who favor Sativa strains utilize them to boost their creativity and motivation. If you move slowly in the morning, a Sativa strain may make you aware and engaged enough to change your pattern.

Perhaps a long stroll with your dog might be beneficial. Perhaps you might start creating velvet portraits of Daniel Day-Lewis. Who can say? When you unleash your creativity, the sky’s the limit.

  • Removing aches, pains, and grogginess.

Getting out of bed is difficult if you wake up groggy and stiff. When you’re stiff and achy, waking up will make you feel like you need to rest. 

You can calm your mind and body, making it simpler to slip into your slippers and get on with your day.

Just be aware of the strains you use. A hefty Indica may tempt you to roll over and go back to sleep. Something Sativa-leaning may be a better option. You’ll get the THC benefits and the energy effect to assist you in dealing with whatever you need.

Weed that gives you a body high, especially CBD-rich strains, frequently makes it easier to stretch, relax, or do some light exercise. If you wake up stiff and strained, try a slow, moderate stretching routine and a big glass of water to relax your muscles.

If you suffer from pain, consult your doctor about what sorts of activity and duration are appropriate for you.

  • Mentally getting ready for the day.

Getting out of bed can be frightening if you have anxiety and a big list of things to do. It is not easy to consider just getting started, especially if your day includes a lot of social interaction or anxiety-inducing scenarios like tests or presentations.

Many people feel that weed, particularly Indica-leaning hybrids, helps to alleviate their anxiety. It’s simpler to calm down and think about what you need to do when your body and mind are relaxed.

Make a to-do list for the day when you wake up and bake. Break everything down into small pieces, and if your day is already full, save some things for tomorrow or the day after. A break might help you re-calibrate and be ready to face your commitments with enthusiasm.

  • Flying through your morning routines.

People are working from home in greater numbers than ever before. You must be a self-motivated self-starter, whether or not you have a track record of doing so. One of the least interesting portions of your day is getting started with your typical morning activities.

Checking your professional social networks and business emails, adding items to your schedule, and planning your next steps aren’t exciting.

The good news is that smoking pot makes everything a little more enjoyable. Your mundane routine duties may become more interesting. You’ll spend extra time going over business emails.

You might eventually decide to unsubscribe from all the trash you scroll over regularly. You may be motivated to look people up on LinkedIn and develop new connections.

  • Including weed in your wellness routine.

If it’s the first thing you do every morning, you can’t put it off. It’s finished, out of the way, and you’re relieved. If you make going for a run, putting away the dishes, or doing the laundry a part of your daily routine, they won’t loom over you all day.

Morning routines and rituals are common among successful people. They get up early, have breakfast, meditate, do yoga, journal, and spend some time pondering creative ideas before their day begins. Weed could help you with that.

It’s simple to start your day off well by increasing your appetite, fostering creativity, and promoting relaxation. Wake and bake if it encourages you to become a more efficient early riser.

You don’t have to incorporate THC into your wellness routine. Keeping it simple CBD alone is enough to help you relax, focus, and get ready for the day. CBD will not get you high, but it will perform many of the same things as regular cannabis.

Best Cannabis Strains for a Morning Toke

Finding the ideal strain for your morning routine may take some effort. Here are our top picks for breakfast-worthy strains.

  • Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express, maybe the most well-known strain on this list, deserves all the praise she can get. The flavor lives up to its name, with a tantalizing sweetness reminiscent of a juicy piece of fruit, followed by a deep piney undertone.

Although Pineapple Express contains higher quantities of THC, its anxiety-reducing properties offset the euphoria. This is a great wake-and-bake option for writers and artists because it has been linked to increased creativity.

  • Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a popular Sativa-leaning hybrid known for its laid-back nature. Blue Dream is a terrific first-time high that produces bursting emotions of happiness and optimism, putting you on the right track to having an amazing day.

  • Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie is another zesty Sativa with a sweet flavor characteristic. Because of its mild high, this is a perfect pick for anyone new to waking up and baking. Certainly enough to lift your spirits and give you a clear, invigorating high to get you through the morning.

  • Super Lemon Haze

Wake up and smell the terpenes when life hands you Super Lemon Haze. With its rich terpene profile and zesty citrus aroma, SLH is the ideal partner for any morning routine, elevating your mood and senses.

The high is euphoric and lasts for several hours. Just enough time to have breakfast, work exercise, and possibly start a new project.

  • Green Crack

Green Crack is a tried and tested Sativa that will not put you to sleep. Instead, you’ll be awakened by an energizing buzz that gives you a burst of vitality. When you have daytime tasks that require concentrated focus, consider Green Crack.

How to wake and bake like a pro

Consider some things to enjoy your morning wake and bake if you aren’t straight to work.

  • Hippie Speedball: A hippie speedball blends weed and coffee to kickstart your day and boost energy. Try an espresso shot with excellent live resin, or boil some coffee and puff on a freshly rolled joint.
  • Get creative: Cannabis activates the brain’s frontal lobe, where creativity is born. Take advantage of a clear-headed morning high by journaling, painting, drawing, or even singing solo. Learn more about experimenting with cannabis here.
  • Cook a meal: What better way to commemorate a wake and bake than with a delectable brunch? Invite a friend for cannabis eggs or flawlessly cooked eggs dripping in hollandaise sauce. The morning munchies will be grateful.
  • Get sweaty: Cannabis and exercise are a fantastic match, believe it or not. If you feel motivated to work out, consider paddleboarding, trail jogging, yoga, or bicycling.

The pros and cons of Wake and Bake

While some argue that a wake-and-bake cannot have a negative side effect, others completely disagree. Finding the right balance is essential in life, as it is in everything else. And when there are advantages, there are virtually always disadvantages. Wake and bake is not an exception.

The Pros of Wake and Bake

Let’s begin with the advantages. Because it’s always better to start on a high note, right?

  • Begin the day on a good note

The obvious advantage of wake and bake is that everything begins on a positive note. You can’t argue with a day that began with the calm, blissful sense that cannabis provides. If you were nervous about anything you had to do, a morning joint, vape, or edible would take care of it.

  • You receive the best results in the morning.

The best time to get high is in the morning. Something about the state you’re in right after you get up makes you more susceptible to the effects of marijuana. Many cannabis users claim they like to smoke in the morning since it is the strongest smoke they can get.

  • A wake-and-bake breakfast tastes better.

Weed improves the flavor of food almost every time it is used, and as we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most people have breakfast in a hurry or even on their way to work or school. Breakfast is considerably more satisfying with the wake-and-bake method.

  • A method for avoiding a tolerance break.

If you smoke frequently, sleep is probably the longest time between joints. And we’ve all heard how good a break can be for your tolerance. The wake and bake is nature’s method of allowing you to avoid having to take a proper tolerance break entirely.

This relates to the fact that the maximum levels are obtained in the morning. It always feels like the first time in the morning.

However, it does mean that you get more tolerant over time. The wake-and-bake method does not truly test tolerance. It allows you to have a cheating moment during the day.

The cons of wake and bake

And now, for the other side of waking and baking, that may or may not balance out all of the good stuff.

  • It is more difficult to get high later in the day.

The wake and bake are typically the highest you’ll get all day. And you finished it first thing in the morning. That means you’ll have stoner moments throughout the rest of the day or evening that don’t quite match up to the ones you had in the morning.

  • You may burn out more quickly.

If you had a nice start to the day by smoking or vaping, you could be ready to retire by 5 p.m. This can also lead to excessive sleeping. The wake and bake generate a phenomenon known as “the witching hour,” which occurs in the late afternoon. You have to force yourself to get through the evening without falling asleep.

  • Being high can cause you to lose track of time.

But it’s one of the finest parts about wake and bake! There is little pressure from daily tasks. While every stoner will agree, it is also one of the major drawbacks.

You can become so engrossed in the high joy that no activity seems necessary. Until the day’s end arrives, you realize you haven’t accomplished anything other than getting high!

  • There is less weed to deal with afterward.

If you smoke through your stash first thing in the morning, you won’t have much to savor later with friends. However, consuming weed at any time of day results in less weed for later. Perhaps this isn’t so much a disadvantage as it is a natural side effect of smoking marijuana.

  • It’s a costly habit.

With all the disadvantages added, executing the wake and bake can quickly become prohibitively expensive!

Even the famed wake and bake has advantages and disadvantages, though we hate to accept them. The key, as usual, is to keep things in balance! Have fun with the morning ceremony, wake, and bakers!

If you’re thinking about “waking and baking,” we recommend doing it cautiously. Choose a strain that has previously provided you with a stimulated or energized feeling.

As previously said, there are distinct benefits and drawbacks to using cannabis in the morning, and results vary from person to person. Before committing to a new routine, we recommend reviewing the necessary information and testing with smaller doses.