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The First-Time Weed Smoker’s Guide

smoker's guide
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Smoking cannabis can be a fun and exciting experience. However, if not done properly, the expectations of a first-timer may not be met. There’s always a right way to get started with things, and this applies to smoking cannabis as well. If you are smoking weed for the first time, this post will give you all the information you need to do it correctly.

How to prepare the setup?

You cannot just roll a paper and start smoking cannabis, but there are things that you will need. Here are a few essential materials and tools you need to smoke weed.

  1. Smoking The effects and experience after smoking weed for the first time– you can choose a device of your preference from the various options, like a bong, a bowl, or paper.
  2. Grinder – cannabis is not purchased in ground form, but you have to buy the whole flower to ensure that you get the best product. You will need a grinder to grind the flower and prepare it for smoking.
  3. Ashtray –  it is an important tool to be kept alone when smoking weed to avoid any mess.
  4. Water – it is not an essential thing for pro-weed smokers. However, you are smoking weed for the first time, and it can make you cough. So, you may need to take a sip of water.

Step-by-step guide

While you are a beginner to weed smoking, you must never miss an important step to learn it the best way. There are several steps that you must follow when you are smoking weed for the first time, and you can find these steps below.

Choose a comfortable environment.

The environment or place where you will smoke weed for the first time is highly important. There are various places that you can choose from, including your house, a friend’s house, or a much similar outdoor location. Make sure that the place you choose keeps your mind calm and does not make you feel anxious about smoking weed. It will make you enjoy the complete experience of smoking weed.

Choose the right strain.

While you are visiting a dispensary near you, it is important to understand that there are various strains, with each one having its distinct effects. Some of them can help you energize and uplift, while others promote calming and relaxation.

When you are smoking weed for the first time, it is better to go for a strain that has lower levels of THC, as it can lead to higher effects. You can easily go for a stain with THC content between 10-15% for starters.

Use the right equipment.

You can prefer a device of your choice for smoking weed for the first time from options like a pipe, bong, or joint. However, for beginners, it is best to go for joints and pipes. One reason to go for joints and pipes is that they are easier to use for beginners.

Always ensure that you have the right device, and it must be clean. If you are using a dirty or broken tool to smoke cannabis for the first time, it can ruin the whole experience.

Start small

Taking it easy and small is the most important thing to keep in mind when you are smoking weed for the first time. Take your first hit, and then make sure to wait for some time. Notice how it affects you and check if you have reached your desired experience level.

Also, it is important not to feel pressured to take more than you are comfortable with. Always go for a small dose, and you can work your way up as you try it more frequently.

Pace yourself

If you think every puff will have an instant effect, perhaps you are wrong. When you take a puff of weed, it takes some time to show its effects. So, giving it some time is as important as not overdoing it.

Take a few hits and sit calmly to see how it has affected you before you take more of it. It will help you monitor yourself, prevent you from taking too much for the first time, and avoid bad experiences.

Hydration is important

Being thirsty while smoking weed for the first time is very common. Therefore, it is essential to keep a glass of water within arm’s reach and take a sip after every few puffs. If you do not feel like having water, you may also go for any other non-alcoholic beverage.

Tune up some music with snacks.

Smoking weed for the first time has a huge impact on your senses. There is a possibility that you have never felt this sensation before. Therefore, giving your sense of taste and hearing the right stimuli is important.

Choose the perfect music to vibe to and get snacks to enhance your first-time weed-smoking experience. You can prefer the music and snacks you love most in your daily routine, as they can help you calm down.

Stay safe

Judgment impairment and reaction time changes are pretty common after smoking weed. Moreover, as you are smoking weed for the first time, you may feel these effects more intensely.

So, it is important to stay safe when you are under the influence of cannabis and avoid activities like driving or operating heavy machinery. Additionally, risky behavior should be avoided, as it can endanger you or others. In case you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, make sure that you immediately stop smoking weed any further.

What to expect after smoking weed?

When THC is introduced to your body for the first time, it impacts the nervous system and senses. However, it does not mean everyone who smokes weed as a beginner experiences the same effects. 

The effects and experience after smoking weed for the first time can differ from person to person, and the factors changing this thing are the type of strain you use and the amount. Additionally, health conditions and tolerance levels can be the reason for differences in the experience of first-time cannabis smoking.

There are various experiences from first-time cannabis smoking; the most reported effects include:

  1.     Alteration in time perception
  2.     Dry mouth
  3.     Happiness
  4.     Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  5.     Reduced focus
  6.     Red eyes
  7.     Euphoric feelings
  8.     Relaxation
  9.     Impaired hand-eye coordination
  10. Increased appetite

Most of the effects mentioned above kick in after seconds to minutes of smoking weed for the first time. The effects usually last for two to four hours, and the peak of these effects is experienced mostly between two to three hours after smoking.

Smoking weed for recreational activities can be fun and a new experience. However, it is important to be responsible when you do it for the first or tenth time. 

With appropriate steps and guidance, you can enhance the experience, but if the right directions are not followed, it can also lead to a bad one. So, always be cautious while smoking weed for the first time and avoid overdosing.

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