What are Rolling Papers? A Detailed Guide!

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Rolling papers are popular these days, available in different shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. These are made out of numerous types of materials, but they all have one purpose: to envelop a dry herb so it can be smoked.

Nicotine content in rolling papers

Some cannabis enthusiasts believe nicotine is in the rolling papers, but it is partially the truth. The rolling papers are for cannabis rolls and contain nicotine; they are known as blunt wraps. These wraps are made of tobacco leaves, and any normal rolling paper used for cannabis smoking does not contain nicotine.

Healthiest rolling paper

Cannabis consumption is considered taboo in some areas of the world, and therefore, the question regarding the healthiest rolling paper does not exist. However, in other areas, cannabis consumption is not considered taboo; therefore, healthier options could also be available in the rolling papers.

The papers that are free of any chemical or processing content are considered good. Apart from this, rolling papers made out of rice and edibles are also considered to be a better option. Some vegan-friendly options are available on the market, made out of a hundred percent hemp fibers. Tthese are healthy rolling papers.

Effects and health benefits

There are various methods that you can use for smoking cannabis, but the rolling paper is considered to be the best option due to some advantages it can offer. Portability becomes convenient. Moreover, it allows you to easily roll back when you want to smoke. It also reduces waste and allows you to have more THC intake with even burning of the herbs.

Rolling paper and THC distribution in the body

The rolling paper makes it quite convenient to inhale the cannabinoids as they become part of the smoke you inhale. It leaves the cannabinoid smoke directly into your bloodstream and makes it pass through the complex system of receptors, blood vessels, and openings in the lungs. Immediately, you start experiencing the effects of cannabis smoke, and the effects also kick in simultaneously.

When you smoke cannabis with a rolling paper, the effects may last from 2 to 6 hours a day, depending on the quality and potency of the cannabis you are smoking. 

Types of rolling papers

There are several types of rolling papers available in the market. It is impossible to cover them all in one place, and therefore, we have categorized the rolling papers into four subcategories. These are according to the raw material from which the rolling papers are made.

Types of Rolling Paper | Hempercamp


It is the best type of rolling paper available in the market because it is made out of all-natural ham fibers. There may be some other natural ingredients, including tree gum, which ensure that the rolling paper is completely tasteless and healthier than the others available in the market.

Wood pulp

Wood Pulp rolling papers for one of the top choices for the cannabis enthusiast. The major reason behind the same is that it slows down the burning rate of cannabis. The paper burns slowly and hence, makes the joint last longer. These are white or brown in appearance and are popularly advertised as slow-burning rolling paper. However, these are among the least preferred choices for rolling paper enthusiasts because they can significantly impact the taste.


Rolling paper made out of rice is more affordable than hemp but is more expensive than wood pulp rolling papers. These are made out of food-safe ingredients. 

Flavored and colored

creating an experience for the cannabis smokers in the market is the ultimate target of rolling paper companies. Therefore, the flavored and colored rolling paper market is small, but it is still highly sensationalized. You can say that the makers use aesthetics and additives to make the experience of smoking weed even better.
These are highly popular because of their looks which are similar to plastic paper. Apart from this, these are highly demanded because they come in flavors like mint, bubblegum, and orange. However, there is no verification regarding the safety that comes along with this type of rolling paper in the market.

How to roll a joint with rolling paper?

Initially, learning to roll a joint can be a very tedious task. However, if you pay close attention to the details, you can master the technique of making a unique and exciting roll. There are a few steps that you might have to take in order to become an excellent joint roller. A few steps that you are supposed to begin with are explained below.

  • Grind the cannabis buds and remove the stems and seeds.
  • Hold the rolling paper with your index finger pressed towards the filter.
  • Start putting in the cannabis with the other hand and keep shifting it towards the other end, starting from the filter. Make sure that the herbs are evenly spread throughout the paper so that there is an even burning experience.
  • Roll the paper up using your fingers and thumb and prepare a uniform tube.
  • The glue strip must be left exposed so that you can add moisture to it and stick it in place.
  • Put a card stock into the empty portion of the joint and twist the filter until it is perfectly in place.

Legal status and age restrictions

Anyone who is over the age of 18 can simply purchase rolling papers. In some areas, age verification may be needed before purchasing rolling papers. However, these products are pretty normal these days, and some areas do not require people to show identification before purchasing these items.

By following these steps, you will become an expert at rolling joints in a few tries. For those who are struggling with rolling a joint, using an extra tool may help. But, it will increase the things you need to carry along and be less convenient. Make sure to store the rolling papers in cool and dry places so that they do not stick to each other. You can start by using sophisticated rolling papers and move towards professional versions as you become an expert.

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