What are Weed Shakes?

Weed Shakes
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Overconsumption of cannabis causes weed shakes. It is nothing more than a feeling of chilling sensation along with some trembling. One can simply refer to it as the shakes. 

The person feels anxiety, which can lead to uncontrollable trembling. Consumption of higher amounts of THC can cause weed shakes and make one feel jittery.

However, there is nothing to worry about, as these are very normal.

In-depth detail

When someone takes a large amount of THC, shakes occur, and it is involuntary muscle spasms or tremors. Overconsumption of THC is leading your nervous system to be overwhelmed. It, therefore, makes you feel anxious, which is a by-product of THC overdose.

In cases of alcohol withdrawal, shaking can be a serious concern, however, with weed shakes, they are not fatal. Cannabis is believed to have a high safety profile in comparison to other intoxicants like alcohol. While there is no formal research done on the shakes, anecdotal studies state that they are pretty common and entirely harmless. There are other side effects that one can experience after an overdose of cannabis, like nausea and an increased heart rate. Just like weed shakes, these also subside quickly.

Causes of weed shakes

While these are pretty common among people who consume high amounts of cannabis, there could still be multiple causes behind it. Here are some of the most prevalent causes of shaking after cannabis consumption.

– Freezing environment

THC lowers the body temperature significantly. It can make someone feel cold, and when you are in a freezing environment, you can experience weed shakes.

However, this shaky feeling after a weed overdose just represents a slight fall in temperature below the baseline. So, it is nothing that a blanket or warm shower cannot fix. Moreover, there is a possibility that you are shaking because of the cold temperature in your surroundings.

– Overstimulation

There are various stimulants that can lead to the over-excitement of the nervous system. These things include soda, nicotine, caffeine, and coffee. Such products lead to boosting of dopamine in the bloodstream.

In case you are a regular consumer of the above-stated products, there is a higher possibility of experiencing shakes after smoking or consuming cannabis in any form. These stimulants make the nervous system more sensitive, and therefore, shakes are experienced even at lower levels of THC consumption.

– Anxiety

Mostly, people start shivering and shaking when they are experiencing fear and anxiety. One can feel paranoia and extreme anxiety after taking in high amounts of THC through cannabis because it over-stimulates the amygdala.

Some people are more susceptible to these activities of the brain, and their nervous system can make them feel the weed shakes. If you are experiencing the shakes for this reason, you should calm down, and the shakes will fade away quickly.

– Overdosage of THC

Overconsumption and overdosage of products containing THC is the main culprit behind the shakes. Overdosing on THC might seem very serious and scary. So, we can say that calming someone down after consuming too much weed is easier.

How long do Weed Shakes last?

Weed shakes do not last long. The basic duration, according to the experts, depends on how much cannabis is consumed. If you have smoked a flower or vaped, the effects should subside within 20 to 30 minutes. On the other hand, if you have consumed cannabis edibles, the results may last much longer, and one can experience the shakes for up to an hour.

In most cases, the shake subsides automatically. However, if you have a serious health condition, it is better to see your doctor. Make sure to learn more about cannabis in relation to your body and health conditions. According to your ongoing medication, the doctor may recommend a few modifications in the dosage.

How to manage weed shakes?

Even though the weed shakes fade away in a few minutes, it may take some time. During this time, if you are feeling concerned and highly uncomfortable, there are a few things you can do to manage the shakes.

– Try walking around

One of the most common remedies to bring the shakes under control is to get up and take a walk. Also, you can prefer to attend to some other small tasks that can take your attention away from the shakes. Also, moving around will help you get complete control of your body and will control the shakes. THC consumption leads to overwhelming the nervous system, and merely focusing on something else can help. You can also prefer taking deep breaths and doing other calming activities like yoga and meditation.

– Change your environment

The environment around you is one of the most important causes of weed shakes. Hence, it can also be used to control the shakes significantly. In case you are currently in a stimulating environment that increases the intensity of the shakes, you should change it.

One can prefer moving to a room with silence and soothing music to relax the brain. Turning down lights can be a good option too. Moving away from crowded places can also be highly helpful during the shakes. It will help your nervous system relax, and the shakes will stop.

– Avoid stimulants

Stimulants have the capacity to highly affect the nervous system. Therefore, consuming any of the stimulants after intake of cannabis products is not recommended. If you have consumed cannabis, avoid taking any type of stimulant, including coffee or tobacco. Also, never mix these products with your cannabis products, as they can lead to high-intensity shakes.

– Change strains

There are various types of strains that can lead to feelings like anxiety and, therefore, could be the ultimate reason behind someone experiencing weed shakes. In case the reason for you is the same, it is recommended to change the variety that you are using and switch to the others with lower THC levels.

You may also prefer options with more CBD and terpenes. The alternative you can go for should include pinene and linalool, as these terpenes temper the effects of THC to a large extent. The items that you switch to largely depend on your body and nervous system, and it would be best if you consult with your doctor before you make a choice.

– Add more CBD

CBD can be used as a remedy for weed shakes if taken in appropriate amounts. It can help by blunting the experience of the shakes and making you feel better. One can prefer consuming strains with a more even THC: CBD ratio, as it will reduce the chances of getting anxiety-induced shakes.

Having the shakes is scary, but there is no need to be worried about them. It is one of the most common side effects of cannabis, and there are plenty of remedies to prevent it. However, it is important for you to have a complete awareness of your body to consume the right amount of THC and avoid the shakes.