What is 7/10 guide to oil day

7/10 holiday
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The 7/10 holiday, also known as “Oil Day,” celebrates cannabis extracts, oils, and concentrates. This holiday, which falls on July 10th, has gained popularity within the cannabis community in recent years.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide to 7/10 and all things related to Oil Day.

What is 710 holiday? (7/10 meaning)

710, or July 10th, is a day dedicated to consuming and celebrating cannabis concentrates, also known as dabs. There are many names for this holiday. Some call it “stoners day”, while other others have named it Happy dab day or Happy weed day. And we call it “The special Cannabis day”.

The origins of the 7/10 holiday, also known as “Oil Day,” are somewhat shrouded in mystery. While it is widely agreed that the term became popularized in online forums in the early 2010s and gained wider recognition with the introduction of the 7/10 Cup in 2012, the exact origins of the holiday are debated.

However, the 7/10 culture emerged when Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize adult-use cannabis, leading to a flourishing market for cannabis extracts.

Today, 7/10 is celebrated worldwide by consuming various cannabis concentrates, such as vape cartridges, shatter, oil, wax, budder, sauce, crumble, live resin, hash, and more. The holiday is a celebration of all types of cannabis concentrates and oils and is observed on July 10th.

So, if you’re a fan of cannabis extracts, mark your calendar for the 7/10 holiday and join in on the celebrations.

What is dabbing?

Dabbing is the newest fad to sweep the cannabis business. The increasing popularity of vaporizing concentrates is mostly due to their purity, accomplished through sophisticated extraction procedures.

Dabbing is inhaling vapor from a cannabis concentrate after it has been heated to the proper temperature. Cannabis flowers typically have 10-25% THC. However, cannabis concentrates can have 40-80% THC—an unbelievable amount of bang for your buck and intellect.

The dabbing process explained

The dabbing process may seem intimidating initially, but it’s quite straightforward. To dab, you simply place a small amount of cannabis oil, extract, concentrate, or wax (known as a “dab”) onto a heated surface, usually a metal or ceramic chamber, inside a vaporizer or similar device.

The heat causes the cannabis to release a cloud of cannabinoids, which you inhale. Many people prefer dabbing as a method of consumption because it allows them to experience the potent effects of cannabis concentrates more quickly and effectively than other methods.

Additionally, dabbing can be a more efficient use of cannabis, as a little goes a long way. If you’re new to dabbing, starting with a small amount and gradually increasing as needed to find your optimal dosage is important. With a little practice, you’ll be dabbing like a pro in no time.

How is 710 is different from 420?

If this is your first time hearing about 7/10, you’re probably wondering what, if anything, makes this holiday different from 420. Although both days honor cannabis culture, there are several key differences.

420 is more general and centers around all forms of cannabis. 7/10, on the other hand, focuses on cannabis oil, concentrates, extracts, and dabs. Some refer to 7/10 as “International Dab Day.”

This means retailers and the cannabis media will emphasize oils, concentrates, extracts, and dabs on 7/10. Many cannabis websites, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels produce unique content about dabbing that they release on or around 7/10. You may encounter 7/10 online content that focuses on:

  1. Dabbing basics
  2. Alternative uses for cannabis oil, extracts, and concentrates
  3. Information about CBD oil
  4. Information about specific cannabis blends used in oils, extracts, concentrates, and dabs

You can also expect cannabis retailers to offer 7/10 sales and promotions. Many companies offer discounts or “buy one get one free” offers on 7/10. These sales promotions may include cannabis oil, extracts, concentrates, dabs, and accessories.

5 celebrities who we think celebrate 710 holiday

It’s no longer unusual to see celebrities, sportspeople, rock stars, and rappers openly admit to using marijuana.

Now that the cannabis narrative is shifting, many celebrities are openly embracing it and becoming entrepreneurs or industry champions. Here are five notable celebrities in the industry proudly celebrating the 7/10 holiday.

  • Snoop Dogg:

Leaves by Snoop is the idea of legendary musician Snoop Dogg. He began selling top-tier Sativa and Indica flower varieties in Denver, Colorado, in 2015. The brand quickly gained a large following.

This cannabis OG is one of the long-standing pioneers, having begun consuming the plant at a young age. Snoop is frequently spotted singing for fans and advertising his brand of cannabis goods at cannabis festivals on 7/10 days.

  • Bella Thorne:

Bella Thorne is a multi-talented actress, model, singer, and writer. She is proud of her cannabis line, Forbidden Flowers, which launched in 2019. The celebrity’s love of marijuana and her idea of self-expression is central to the brand.

Bella Thorne is always involved in the 7/10 spirit, whether partying with pals or lobbying for cannabis legalization, and she provides a feeling of pleasure and enthusiasm to each event. It serves as a reminder to practice self-love and to urge fans to embrace their genuine selves.

  • Kristen Bell:

Kristen Bell is an American actress who has succeeded in the cannabis industry. Hers is one of the most well-known cannabis firms, producing CBD-infused skincare products.

She was inspired by Lord Jones, a marijuana industry leader and one of Bell’s favorite cosmetic lines. Kristen Bell is clearly in her element on 7/10 days, whether on stage or behind the scenes, and she never fails to bring her fun-loving personality to the festivities. Kristen launched Happy Dance, a brand of CBD premium care products aimed at busy moms.

  • Martha Stewart:

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg have a strong relationship. The rapper was her greatest source of inspiration. They are co-stars on Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. The well-known businesswoman, author, and television personality is the owner of one of the top celebrity CBD brands. So it’s no surprise she’d participate in the fun on 7/10 day.

From wellness gummies and oil drops to soft gels, the lifestyle mogul intuitively creates delightful formulas and flavors. She has collaborated with the world’s largest marijuana producer, Canopy Growth, to develop a wide range of hemp-derived products.

  • Seth Rogen:

In addition to his many hats, actor, comedian, and filmmaker Seth Rogen is an avid marijuana user. He founded Houseplant, one of California’s greatest marijuana brands that have subsequently dominated many of the state’s dispensaries.

According to the brand’s famous tagline, “For people who love weed, by people who love weed,” Seth’s devotion goes deep. It’s evident that Rogen takes 7/10 days very seriously and never fails to bring joy with him.

Ways to celebrate 710 Day

The 7/10 holiday, also known as “Oil Day,” has gained a dedicated following and international recognition in the decade since its inception. While it may not yet be as high-profile as 420, each year brings new events and recognition to the holiday.

But the holiday is not just for producers – on social media, there are millions of posts featuring hashtags related to 710, showing that cannabis enthusiasts are more than ready to celebrate another day dedicated to their favorite plant, this time focusing on concentrates and extracts.

Here are four ways to celebrate 710 Day:

  • Try something new. If you’ve never tried dabbing, “Oil Day” is the perfect excuse to be a little adventurous. If you’re new to concentrating, a disposable vape pen is an easy entry point.
  • Plan a full day of enjoyment. Browse a selection of vape oils and their effects to plan an experiential day like no other. You’ll find blends that can sharpen your creativity, help you relax, calm your mood, or ease you into sleep.
  • Cook up something special. Use Infused Olive Oil to add something extra to your 710 party menu.
  • Celebrate women in cannabis. You can participate in breakout sessions and other fun activities and make your celebration more meaningful by enjoying the Music for Change special vape blend.

To wrap up, it’s clear that 7/10, also known as “Oil Day,” has become an increasingly popular holiday within the cannabis community.

Observed on July 10th, this holiday celebrates all forms of cannabis extracts, oils, and concentrates.

It’s a day for dabbing enthusiasts to come together and enjoy their favorite products and for retailers to offer special sales and promotions on extract-related products.

As the holiday continues to gain recognition and popularity, we will likely see even more events and celebrations centered around 7/10. So, if you’re a fan of cannabis extracts, be sure to mark your calendar and join in on the 7/10 festivities!