Everything to know about clone drugs and their process of growth

clone drug
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Have you heard about cloning drugs? Do you know what is clone drug? If not, then this article is going to be very informative for you. Go through this article to know more about cloning drugs.

Cannabis clones are also considered the asexual propagation and replication of the mother plant by means of sexual reproduction.

What is a Clone Cannabis Plant? 

A Clone drug or a clone cannabis plant is grown from the cutting from the base of the cannabis plant which is also called the mother plant. Different types of growth provide a variety of benefits. The growers hold complete control over the genetics of the mother plant, which you select, and you don’t need to deal with the delicate seedling stage.

Mainly the process of cannabis cloning includes cutting a branch from living marijuana plants. After that, the branch is let to grow into a plant itself. It is important to know that a clone of cannabis consists of the same genetic makeup as the plant and is called the mother plant.

What is needed to clone cannabis?

If we talk about what is clone drugs made of then it mainly consists of cannabis plants.

Numerous things play a crucial role in the process of making the Clone drug. Though it is relatively easy and requires a few key items.

  • Scissor is the most important item as it is used for cutting off the mother plant.
  • You will need a razor to trim the plant.
  • For the process of insertion of tray cell/root cubes/ heat mat, you will need a proper rooting setup to make Clone drug.
  • Rooting hormone is also needed.
  • Make sure to select the right medium for the rooting and setup. One of the most common rooting mediums includes rooting cubes, rock wool, and other non-soil equivalents such as pests.

How to choose a mother plant to clone?

Are you wondering how to choose a mother plant to clone or to prepare a clone plant? We will go through this in this section. As we know, genetics are very similar between a mother and a clone, so it is recommended to select a good plant as a mother. If you prefer the use of wilted plants for cloning, it will not make a good mother.

Most experts in this field look for numerous qualities in a mother plant. Make sure to grab all essential information to make a wise decision.

  • It is important to look for the vibrant growth of flowers of the mother plant. This will help you to get proper growth while cloning.
  • Make sure to check their aromas. Only great aromas and flavors can bring positive results.
  • Big yields of the plant are also crucial with dense trichomes.
  • The mother plant of cannabis should have the property to resist pests and moods.

How is a Clone drug made?

Are you wondering what is clone drugs made of? If you are among those who are not aware of the process, then make sure to read further.

Mainly the process of making clone drug is not as simple as we think. It requires lots of time and effort. Only experts can make the clone drugs with the help of the cloning process. Cloning includes the steps from cutting the mother and it is made to reproduce. The mother plant of the clone drug should be female and they need to be kept in the vegetative growth stage.

– Choosing the mother:

First, you need to choose the mother plant. Make sure to select a mother plant with a high yield as it will produce results. Make sure to begin your initial cutting to come from the hardy stock. For that, you need to select the plants that easily produce buds and grow to your required size and height.

– Cutting:

  • Now you have to take your cutting in the vegetative stage which starts when the plant is around 3-4 weeks old. It is important to make the cutting technically from a seedling. Avoid the selection of plants that are too young as they will have hollow inner walls and wilt more quickly.
  • Choose the straight branches which have around three nodes. If we talk about the straight branches, then it makes it easier and more convenient to grow in trays and will not even block the sources of light from other cuttings. 
  • If you want to get better rooting success, then you need to take your cutting from the bottom sections of the mother plant. It is recommended to choose the cutting of the plant which is about 6 to 10 inches in size.

– Rooting:

  • It is suggested to put the cutting immediately in the water, as it prevents air bubbles from forming inside the stems.
  • The process of rooting is very critical. For that, you need to dip the cut ends in the rooting hormone into the open ends of the plant. Rooting hormone is used because it helps to encourage the plant to reproduce cells.
  • You can use rock wool rooting cubes for the medium as it helps to lock the moisture. Make sure to close your plant in plastic to avoid the entry of humidity for the first 48 hours. Use plastic humidity to reduce the risk of drying out your plants. Leave the entire plant in the rooting cubes until white hairs start to sprout up.

– Transplanting:

Now comes following the steps of transplanting. 

  • You need to fill one-gallon pots with the potting medium and add water to keep the required moisture. Now fill the pots for up to 2.5 cm from the lip and press the soil gently.
  • Now dig a hole in the pot and plant one clone in every pot. Don’t forget to water the soil medium to get rid of any bubbles.
  • Your Clone is ready to grow. Just keep the water intensely for the first week. You should concentrate on 20% of the water coming out as runoff while you water.

The primary objective of cannabis cloning is to reproduce and preserve the genetic identity of the mother plant. When they grow under the required environment, the clone is more like a sexually propagated plant that exhibits the traits of its mother including physical traits and chemical traits as well.

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