What is a Safe Amount of Delta 8 Gummies?

Delta 8 THC Gummies
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One of the products with legendary status is Delta-8 THC. Consumers have been loving this product since it was first introduced to the market. And also, with time, many new Delta-8 products were introduced to the market; some were loved by consumers, and some sadly weren’t. But all this time, one Delta-8 product has been loved by consumers constantly: Gummies. 

Delta-8 gummies are probably the most popular way to consume Delta-8, as they are easy to consume and taste delicious. And if you are a Delta-8 gummy user, then one of the things that you need to know is “What is a safe amount of Delta-8 gummies to consume?” The answer depends on plenty of different factors, which we will be discussing further in the following sections.

What are Delta-8 Gummies?

Delta-8 gummies are a type of Delta-8 edible. They are regular gummies that are infused with Delta-8 THC and consist of Delta-8 as a primary ingredient. The gummies are soft and chewy, so one can easily consume them like candies. Also, each Delta-8 gummy has a specific dosage of Delta-8 THC that makes it easy to calculate consumption.

One of the major reasons why consumers love Delta-8 gummies is the wide variety of options available. You can find more than 50 different flavors to try. They are a delicious, power-packed dose of Delta-8 THC.

What is the safe amount of Delta-8 gummies to consume?

This is a very broad question, as the safe amount depends on various factors and also on the per gummy dosage. Some may have a dosage of 10mg while some may have a dosage of 25mg. So, to understand the safe amount, you would need to figure it out for yourselves.

First of all, different people have different tolerance levels toward Delta-8 dosage. A beginner would have low levels of tolerance, while frequent users would have a higher tolerance. So, there are 3 different tiers of consumption, and you would need to decide into which tier you fall to decide what amount of consumption would be safe for you-

  • First Dosage tier– This is the tier for new users, if you are a beginner or are just trying Delta-8 gummies, then it would be better if you chose gummies that contain 10-15mg of Delta-8 THC, and then you can consume one gummy at a time, and that would be more than enough.
  • Second Dosage Tier– If you are an occasional consumer of Delta-8 THC, then you will have developed a tolerance against Delta-8 and you can choose gummies between 15-30mg of Delta-8. Our recommendation would be to choose gummies with a dosage of 25mg, as they would provide a balanced experience.
  • Third Dosage Tier– Very frequent or daily users who consume a high amount of Delta-8 would have developed a high tolerance to Delta-8 and it is possible that a low dosage would not affect you. Then you can go with Delta-8 THC with a dosage of 40-80mg of Delta-8. You can consume 1-2 gummies with 25mg of Delta-8 THC at a time.

This would help you understand your tolerance level and choose the best amount for you.

Also, if you are still confused about the right dosage for you then you can take a look at the table to find out what amount of consumption would be good for your desired effects-

Body weight Mild Effects Strong effects
80 lbs (35 kg) 5mg 15mg
100 lbs (45 kg) 6mg 20mg
120 lbs (55 kg) 8mg 27mg
140 lbs (65 kg) 9mg 32mg
160 lbs (72 kg) 10mg 36mg
180 lbs (82 kg) 12mg 40mg
200 lbs (90 kg) 13mg 45mg
220 lbs (100 kg) 14mg 50mg
240 lbs (108 kg) 15mg 54mg
260 lbs (118 kg) 17mg 60mg

Important factors to consider while planning a safe dose of Delta-8 THC

  • Bodyweight- It is a very important factor as larger people would need a larger dose as compared to smaller people.
  • Delta-8 THC tolerance- As you use Delta-8 Gummies, you will start developing tolerance towards them. This means that you would need a higher dose to experience the same effects as before. Thus, you would need to gradually increase the dosage with time.
  • Wanted results- The right dosage for you may depend on what kind of effects you wish to experience if you want to just energize yourselves then you can take a small dose, or if you want to get high then you need to take a strong dose.

How many gummies to take at a time?

Usually, gummies come in a range of 10-40mg of Delta-8 THC, so a lightweight user can take 10mg, occasional users can consume 20mg, and daily users can consume 35mg of gummies. Also, it is advised to take a 1 or ½ gummy for your desired Delta-8 dosage. And one should wait for 60-90 minutes to start feeling the effects of Delta-8 gummies.

The effects can last up to 5-6 hours, and if you want, you can consume after that. But make sure you don’t overconsume Delta-8 gummies to feel the effects early. For Delta-8 to show its magic, it would take time and it’s best to wait for it to happen.

What happens if you overdose on Delta-8 Gummies?

Cannabinoids such as Delta-8 don’t interact with the area of the brain that is responsible for respiratory functions, so you can’t lethally overdose yourselves with the consumption of Delta-8 gummies. But if you consume a very high dose of Delta-8 THC, it will lead to a feeling of discomfort and sedation. You can also feel extremely tired as well. An extremely high dose would also lead to nausea, vomiting, and red eyes. It’s best to not overdose yourself, as no one can guarantee the side effects.

If you are looking to increase your energy levels, then it would be better to take a small dose, and if you are looking for deep relaxation and a sedating effect, then you should take a strong dose.

We have provided you with all the necessary information and you can now understand what an ideal and safe dose of Delta-8 gummies would be for you. Now you can enjoy your favorite Delta-8 gummies without worrying.