What is the MJbizCon conference?

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The first edition of MJbizCon began in 2011 with a few hundred people in a conference room in Denver and has grown to become the award-winning phenomenon it is today. This conference is recommended to anyone looking to learn more about the ins and outs of the cannabis industry.

It will focus on the rapidly rising Cannabis industry’s near future for CEOs and young industry professionals interested in cutting-edge ideas, new technology, and how cannabis businesses flourish in a fast-evolving market. The event in 2022 features over 1,400 exhibitors and over 70 hours of educational content from 170 speakers.

Over 35,000 cannabis executives will present at the Las Vegas Convention Center at the 11th Annual Marijuana Business Conference & Expo (MJBizCon).

MJbizCon conference?

MJBiz Conference is the place to be as it has everything your operation needs. Cannabis executives from across the world will be attending to share the latest industry trends, recent political data, and other information you would hope to find.

Now the MJBiz team also publishes marijuana and hemp industry news and analysis on MJBizDaily, Hemp Industry Daily, MJBiz Magazine, MJBiz Factbook, and MJBizScience’s Emerald Conference.


The agenda for MJBizCon has been carefully crafted to provide value to businesses and enterprises at all stages: from education to development to launch, growth, and expansion. The Main Stage will host a diverse array of cannabis industry luminaries as well as successful mainstream executives who will provide unique insights:

Who will attend?


  • On-stage conversation with Cookies Co-Founder and CEO Berner. Berner has mastered the cannabis industry’s branding and global expansion. He’ll explain how he established a significant market presence and overcame numerous challenges in both life and business. You will also join experts from Baked at the 11th Annual Marijuana Business Conference & Expo (MJBizCon).
  • Rhonda Kallman is an alcoholic beverage business pioneer. Kallman created the Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams) and now runs the Boston Harbor Distillery. She will provide insights gained from decades of business, branding, and marketing experience in a sector that has many parallels to cannabis.
  • A ‘Power Panel’ will address current cannabis challenges, trends, and opportunities, including Nancy Whiteman (Co-founder and CEO, Wana Brands), Ruben Lindo (Founder, Blak Mar Farms, LLC), Troy Datcher (CEO, The Parent Company), Toi Hutchison (President and CEO, Marijuana Policy Project), and Peter Caldini (CEO, Acreage Holdings).

Why do we need cannabis events?

Because of their ability to genuinely connect with varied customer lifestyles and establish long-term connections, brands with targeted and approachable voices are critical to the success of any consumer-facing company. Cannabis events that set high branding requirements for exhibitors help legitimize the industry and draw in more mainstream customers.

Participating in a cannabis event is one of the best ways to learn about the cannabis industry and network with other like-minded individuals.

Cannabis will only become a well-established and accessible CPG sector if industry players focus on creating consumer brands that are engaging, mission-driven, and adept at organically integrating themselves into the cultural zeitgeist. Most cannabis business leaders agree that the sector is still in its early stages. At this point, marquee events must foster a collaborative environment in which polished brands can be exposed to knowledgeable audiences while also learning from one another to develop even more compelling brand experiences in the future.


Events that allow participants to battle-test exhibitors in real-time, as long as they do so correctly, build trust between attendees and businesses while also attracting true cannabis enthusiasts. MJBizCon is the closest popular analog to this experience, where buyers and guests are urged to feast with their eyes and tongues.

This innovative strategy elevates brand discovery to a new level. Not only does it remove huge financial hurdles, but it also offers one of the few direct-to-consumer retail experiences at cannabis trade conferences. Cannabis can be a profoundly personal experience, and this consumption opportunity allows buyers, reporters, and guests to evaluate for themselves if a brand lives up to the hype.