What is Tolerance Break?

What is tolerance break?
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A tolerance break is a deliberate will to temporarily stop consuming cannabis to reset the tolerance of your body to THC. Anybody that regularly takes medical or recreational cannabis tends to increasingly develop a higher level of THC tolerance. In the streets, it is usually called a T-break and is used to reduce the tolerance of the body to THC.

Tolerance break and regular weed smoking: The effects

Have you ever gotten to a certain level as a weed head where you feel that you can never stop consuming THC? You could be looking for the initial experience as it once was when you first broke out smoking. Do you feel that your cannabis experience is becoming mundane and stale? If this is the case, then a tolerance break is important for you to understand. 

Your body can begin to develop a certain tolerance to the point where you feel that you need to take in more quantity than before since you are having a lacklustre experience. Developing a tolerance break can be expensive and frustrating. But not to worry, with enough patience and willpower, this tolerance will be conquered and you will be able to have fun on a new level. So, what is a tolerance break or tolerance break?

Cannabis tolerance: What does it mean?

Regular intake of cannabis among weedheads usually results in the body increasing its tolerance towards the substance. At this point, regular consumption of cannabis means that the body begins to create a tolerance toward the substance. This means that with frequent consumption, you will have to consume more of this substance to be able to achieve the original thrill caused by cannabis. People regularly consume THC just like every other medicine or drug.

Desensitization of the brain’s receptors to THC

If you have a high cannabis tolerance, it means that your body will not be able to respond properly to THC. At your first start, when you have started consuming cannabis, you usually have extremely sensitive receptors. You may remember the first time that you ever smoked weed as being one of the most intense experiences ever. Most people usually feel the goodness on a different plane as it elevates your mood and recalibrates your brain. 

Due to the goodness of the experience, you feel the constant urge to consume a higher amount of cannabis. The problem here is that, if you consume more THC, the receptors of the body will become less sensitive and you will not be able to feel the full effects of consuming THC. The process of receptor desensitization among smokers usually varies among smokers. It is a process that usually happens over several years.

How does cannabis tolerance happen?

The concept of weed tolerance and our bodies is a complex theory. Scientists do not fully comprehend the adaptations that our bodies have when we undergo this process. But, brain scanning images of regular cannabis smokers have shown that chronic THC/cannabis can reduce the number of THC receptors that the brain has.

The natural system of the body that reacts with the cannabis strain is known as the ECS – the endocannabinoid system. This is a very responsive and dynamic system. This is why the ECS can detect an overwhelming dose of THC and works overtime to make it less sensitive. Because of this THC suppression, you are forced to take more cannabis to enable experience the initial result that you experienced when you first started consuming the product.

How to take a tolerance break and its benefits?

If you are a regular weed head, at a certain point in time, you may need a tolerance break. As your body begins to tolerate the THC in cannabis, you will have to consume more quantity to feel the thrill. Taking a tolerance break would save you money. It will also help you keep balance. 

If you are a regular weed head, then your tolerance break should last for a minimum of 21 days. One of the main benefits of a tolerance break is that it will reset your receptors. This will make it a lot easier for you to feel the thrill of the THC effect.

Bottom Line

A tolerance break or tolerance break is not necessarily bad for the body to build up a tolerance. A lot of people who consume cannabis usually have a strong desire to enjoy the benefits of consuming THC, but they are unable to do this. This is because your body has developed a tolerance break to it.

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