Can You Get Too High? What to Do If You Feel Too Stoned

What to Do If You Feel Too high
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Cannabis is a fabulous drug. Its psychoactive effects are full of excitement and involve a relaxing feel. So, have you ever wondered after consuming cannabis can you get too high? And, what to do if you feel too stoned.

Though the cannabis high is something that every user craves, when the same high becomes overpowering, you might not feel it too pleasurable. 

Common signs of too much high

The most common signs of getting too much high include: 

  • Increased anxiety
  • Incessant nausea
  • Increased dizziness
  • Feeling panicky
  • Getting paranoid
  • Enhanced confusion
  • Excessive perspiration

It’s natural to worry while experiencing heightened paranoia, anxiety, or the inability to think positively, but be assured that these feelings are normal as you would have to consume a huge amount of THC to have any negative effects on your body.

Tips to reduce high

Well, there is a famous saying, “start low and go slow” it’s the best advice one needs to adhere to. However, despite all the precautions still, can you get too high? Well absolutely! Here are a few tips to help you with that.

  • Try having some black peppercorns

Black Pepper is a wholesome source of fiber, carbs, protein, vitamins, and sodium. So, it’s quite evident that when you consume more than the optimal amount of cannabis having some black peppercorns could be a viable solution to curb your overwhelming high. 

According to sources, it’s found that black peppercorns constitute caryophyllene which is known for its soothing and anxiety-reducing effects. So, by ingesting it either with mixed peppers or simply with water you could negate the intoxicating and more potent effects of cannabis.

  • Drink ample water

Often people before taking cannabis want to know what to do in case they got too high. Well, it’s pretty common to feel too stoned owing to a variety of reasons, but ultimately you need to be calm and relaxed if you experience the same.

And, the best way to control this situation is to have an ample amount of water as it will not only help you with the dry mouth condition but will also keep you hydrated.

  • Divert your mind

If you feel too high, you just need to take your mind off by being involved in mundane or routine tasks like brushing, meditation, and watching your favorite series or movies, especially comic films or sitcoms. Basically through these activities, you will provide with a much-needed rest.

  • Take a walk

Whether it’s morning or evening, a walk will always bring a breath of fresh air into your life. If you feel too overwhelmed by the high, taking a nice long walk can help.

Resort to a nice walk, some light exercise, or a slow-paced trot as it aids in revitalizing the brain. Though we would advise you to stay nearby to your house. In case of any emergency, it would help you to call for immediate help. As soon as you face any discomfort stop your activity and take some rest. 

  • Bathe

Feeling too stoned? Taking a bath can prove to be quite helpful as it will not only calm your body and might help reduce the high. To increase the soothing sensation, you can take the help of some essential oil like lavender or eucalyptus which will provide an aromatic flavor consisting of citrusy, woody, earthy, or spicy fragrances.

You could even take this nirvana-like feel up a notch by adding music to it.

  • Use CBD 

CBD is considered to be the kryptonite of THC. The overconsumption of cannabis can get you too high, leading to an increase in anxiety and making you feel lethargic. So, it’s best to have some CBD as it has demonstrated and even proved to be therapeutically effective in such scenarios.

Medically, it has been found that CBD stimulates cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1), which is usually found in the amygdala of the brain, thus, making CBD anxiolytic. 

Even CBD has proven to wear down the effects extremely high.

  • A good sleep!

Until and unless cannabis prevents you from having a relaxing sleep, it will always be a phenomenal option to opt for sleep when you are too high. It’s the tried and trusted method of restoring your senses to normal.

  • Try some lemon!

Lemon is quite known for its citrus flavor and has a strong taste on your tongue which can easily lessen the overwhelming high.

Consuming lemon slices or juice has even been proven to alleviate anxiety quite easily. So, whenever you get too high, next time try using some lemon slices. 

  1. Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen has shown some positive signs to combat THC. So, whenever you get too high and feel out of control then, try having some ibuprofen. It will surely play a huge part in controlling it and making you feel relaxed.

Can you get too high? Or what if you feel too stoned these are some of the most-asked questions in the cannabis community. In this post, we have suggested some proven and tested 9 ways to resolve this cannabis overwhelming high issue.

Let’s hope these help you a lot and allow you to keep on enjoying an intoxicating high but in a controlled manner!

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