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What Type of Weed should I Smoke?

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Only a few people have complete information regarding the correct consumption of cannabis. Every individual has a different experience after consuming cannabis through smoking. The type of weed you smoke has a lot of impact on your experience post-consumption.

So, it is important to know in depth about different types of weed and the most appropriate type to smoke.

Types of weed

In general, there are three types of weed in the market (indica, sativa, and hybrids), with each having different effects on the body. Today, there are more than 7500 strains of weed on the market, and if you want to find the best one for you, you must know the right type of weed you should smoke. 

Further subheadings will give you information regarding different types of strains and their effects so that you can choose the ideal one for yourself.

Sativa strains

Cannabis sativa is cultivated in hot and dry climates. In the regions where it is cultivated, the days are long and sunny. It can be found in Africa, Southeast Asia, portions of Western Asia, and Central America. This type of weed plant is tall, thin, and has finger-like leaves. The plant can sometimes grow as tall as 12 feet and take a longer time to mature than other types of cannabis that you can find on the market. The typical CBD to THC ratio in sativa is higher on the side of THC.

Some common effects associated with cannabis sativa include a mind high and energizing effect, and at the same time, it decreases anxiety. If you consume sativa-dominant strains, you will feel highly productive and creative. It has a stimulating impact, making it suitable for smoking during the daytime. 

Some popular strains made with cannabis sativa include Panama Red, Durban Poison and Acapulco Gold.



Cannabis indica originated in Afghanistan, Turkey, India, and Pakistan. These are found in the harsh, turbulent climate and dry areas of the Hindu Kush mountains. The cannabis Indica plant is short and stocky with chunky leaves. They grow wide and broad and have a shorter growing cycle than sativa. Each plant in India produces more birds than cannabis sativa, making it more productive. The strains made out of cannabis indica have a higher dosage of CBD in comparison to THC.

The common effects you will experience after smoking indica are intensely relaxing. It can help reduce nausea and pain and may also lead to a rise in appetite. It has highly relaxing effects, so it should be consumed at night. 

Some popular strains you can find made out of cannabis Indica include Hindu Kush, Afghan Kush, and Granddaddy Purple.


To target the specific effects of smoking cannabis, the grower uses unique strains from different combinations of parent plants. These types of plants are called hybrids. They are grown only in farms and greenhouses. They are a mixture of sativa and indica strains, and the plant’s appearance depends on the combination of parent plants. Some plants are typically grown with a higher THC percentage, while others may contain a higher CBD percentage.

Some of the highly common effects of smoking hybrid cannabis include a reduction in anxiety and stress, along with an easing effect. According to its effects, it can be smoked during the daytime or at night, as per the smoker’s preferences. 

Some of the popular strains include Indica-dominated ones, sativa-dominated ones, or balanced ones. Apart from this, you may also find Pineapple Express and Blue Dream.


Cannabis Ruderalis is another type that you can find in the market, and it is less popular in comparison to others due to its less potent effects. This type of cannabis plant has adapted to extreme environments, which may occur in Eastern Europe, the Himalayan regions of India, and Russia. These plants grow very quickly and are highly ideal for places with low sunlight and extremely cold temperatures. 

Its plant is small and bushy, and there are rarely any taller growing plants in this category. You can harvest seed from a plant within a month, and it has very little THC content and a higher level of CBD content. 

As it is very less potent, ruderalis does not produce any sort of medical or recreational effect on the smoker. You can smoke it at any time because it does not have any impact when you smoke it. 

How do you choose the right type for you?

Getting yourself the right type of weed to smoke is not so easy when there are so many options out there. If you want to go for the perfect one, there are a few considerations that you may have to keep in mind before you make a purchase. Some of the most important ones among them are given below:

  • It will be easier to pick up the right type of weed to smoke when you know the results you want to achieve. Make sure to talk with the dispensary employees about your expectations of cannabis use. According to it, the staff will provide you with the right type of weed that you should smoke.
  • Your tolerance should be the most important thing you need to keep in mind while buying weed to smoke. Some strains, like Pineapple Express, are considered good for people that are at the entry level. On the other hand, people with higher tolerance levels for cannabis may also go for the more potent options available on the market.
  • Your medical history must also be kept in mind before you smoke weed. You must know the right level of THC content you can take into your body. In the case of existing medical conditions, talk with your doctor to know the right amount of cannabis you should smoke. Then, accordingly, make a choice for the type of weed you need.
  • The individual’s consumption method will have an impact on the type of weed they choose. If you are going to smoke cannabis, you are going to get the effect immediately, but it is going to have a negative impact on your lungs.
    On the other hand, eating cannabis products could be a better option. Moreover, these options are easier to tolerate. So, make a choice accordingly if you want to smoke or eat cannabis.

The type of weed one can smoke largely depends on tolerance levels and preferences. Therefore, one must be aware of oneself before choosing any type of weed before buying weed, as it is the only way to know the best type of weed to smoke.

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