Why Does Weed Make You Hungry?

Weed Make You Hungry
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If you’ve ever been high, you know exactly what this is about. Weed makes you hungry and makes food taste several times better. This is due to a complex interaction between THC and our body’s natural ECS. Here’s everything you need to know:

How does cannabis affect hunger? 

Numerous search engine data show that Why do you get hungry when you are high on marijuana?’ is a popular search. This is because cannabis is known to affect hunger substantially. The munchies are a well-known effect of marijuana use, but how actually does weed make you hungry?

It turns out that cannabis affects hunger in a few different ways. For one, cannabis increases the production of ghrelin, a hormone that signals to the body that it’s time to eat. Ghrelin levels are typically highest before meals and lowest after meals. However, when people use cannabis, their ghrelin levels increase, leading to an increase in appetite. Here’s a reliable study that backs this claim. 

In addition to increasing ghrelin levels, cannabis also affects the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for regulating many different processes in the body, including appetite. When someone uses cannabis, it activates the endocannabinoid system and leads to an increase in appetite.

cannabis affect hunger

Finally, cannabis affects the brain in a way that makes food more appealing. THC, the main active ingredient in cannabis, binds to receptors in the brain and alters how we perceive taste and smell. This can make food smell and taste better than it actually is, which can lead to overeating.

All of these effects combine to make cannabis a powerful appetite stimulant. If you’re trying to lose weight or control your eating habits, then using cannabis is probably not a good idea. However, if you’re trying to gain weight or increase your appetite for some reason, then using cannabis may be helpful. This is backed by an NCBI study hyperlinked towards the end. 

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What to eat when you’re high? 

Weed can also make some foods taste better than usual. So, if you’re looking for something to snack on while you’re high, go for something that you know tastes good. This could be anything from candy to chips to your favorite junk food. Just be sure to avoid anything that is too spicy or acidic, as these can make your high uncomfortable.

Also, weed can inspire you to cook up something special. There are plenty of recipes online that are specifically designed for people who are high on weed. Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet treat or a hearty meal, there’s bound to be a recipe out there that will suit your needs. 

No matter what you choose to eat while you’re high on weed, be sure to drink plenty of water as well. Weed can dehydrate your body, so it’s important to stay hydrated if you want to avoid feeling uncomfortable later on.

Can regular cannabis consumption lead to obesity?

Common sense would predict that habitual cannabis users feel the munchies all the time, which leads to undesired weight gain, but this isn’t always the case. While unrestrained eating habits can contribute to obesity, a comprehensive set of data suggests that frequent cannabis users are far less likely to suffer from obesity and obesity-related chronic disorders as noted by a recent NCBI study.