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CBD is gaining popularity immensely, but still, many avoid the compound due to its nasty flavor. To make them interested in CBD again, the compound is offered in chocolate form. 

CBD Chocolate – Know It All

To begin with, CBD is one of the several cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. It’s now available in numerous forms for easy intakes, such as CBD oils and vapes, edibles, etc.

However, derived from a plant, CBD oil has a nasty or peculiar taste. To overcome the taste so that people can consume it easily, manufacturers are adding terpenes to give it a flavor or infusing it in sweet treats. This is where CBD chocolate comes into the picture.

Furthermore, this innovative and unique combination allows you to gain the benefits of CBD while also enjoying the exquisite flavor of gourmet chocolates.

If you want to give this combination a shot, you must first understand the foundations of CBD.

At Hempercamp, our professionals have gone all out and combined the two components to create CBD Chocolates. This premium sweet treat allows you to be healthy without sacrificing taste.

There is a huge selection of CBD products available. There are even toasts, sweets, marmalade, and CBD coffee, in addition to the already popular CBD oil, soft capsules, and vaporizers. Chocolate candy stands out in this series of foods as a universal way to satisfy your appetite while also providing your body with beneficial ingredients. 

Another benefit is that you can take it for the first time or continue taking CBD in chocolate form forever. You’ll always carry a chocolate bar with you and choose when and how much to eat.

Why CBD Chocolate?

  • Chocolate is an excellent CBD transmitter for three reasons:
  • Chocolate is heavy in fat, which aids CBD absorption through the digestive system. 
  • It also includes theobromine, a light stimulant closely related to caffeine, which provides further benefits for relieving mental weariness and exhaustion.
  • Chocolate’s taste hides the nasty flavor of hemp extracts, which is good for some people who have sweet taste buds. 

How is CBD Chocolate Made?

CBD choco has two active ingredients:

  • CBD (cannabidiol) – for those who don’t know, CBD is the principal active element found in hemp plants.
  • Cacao – The seed of the chocolate tree, Theobroma cacao. They are responsible for giving chocolate its dark, bitter flavor. The active constituents are a combination of potent antioxidants, trace minerals, tryptophan, and theobromine, a notable chemical compound that is remarkably similar to an alkaloid.

These chocolate is prepared from a combination of active cacao seeds, cacao pod oil, agricultural foods, sugar or alternative sweeteners, and a variety of alternative herbs or flavoring agents. To make the chocolate sweeter more sugar and dairy are added (Milk chocolate 10%–12% cacao).

Most of the health benefits of cacao and CBD chocolate come from the darker varieties (Dark chocolate 35%–80% cacao), which have a higher cacao content. These products are bitter, but they provide far more health benefits than sweet chocolate, which lacks some of the energizing properties, trace minerals, tryptophan, and antioxidants that make chocolate so healthful.

How to Buy CBD Chocolate?

The way you take CBD chocolate is entirely dependent on why you’re taking it. 

First and foremost, ensure that your chosen product clearly states the ‘mg’ of CBD included rather than the ‘mg’ of hemp extract, which could contain any amount of CBD or none at all. 

If the CBD chocolate brands, you’re looking at don’t have certificates of analysis (COA) on their website, I’d avoid it completely. These COAs inform potential customers about the CBD brand used in that product, and you’ll inspect it yourself to ensure that 

  • The THC level is below the legal limit (0.3%), and 
  • It passed pesticide and heavy metal testing.

Beyond that, the chocolate’s grade and taste are important.

Dose of CBD Chocolate

If you already have CBD dark chocolate or milk chocolate on hand, start by portioning off a piece containing certain mg of CBD (the package will tell you the amount of CBD in one cube). Allow the CBD choco to melt on your tongue, passing the sublingual absorption method that is followed in the CBD tincture with the pleasure of a beautiful chocolate chunk. By allowing the chocolate’s cocoa butter to melt beneath your tongue, you’re slowly releasing CBD into your system.

Bottom Line

At Hempercamp, you get all flavors of CBD choco bars and cubes. Satiate your hunger with our exclusive products and enjoy the delectable taste of chocolate under your tongue.