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Blueberry Cookie HHC Disposable Vape Pen


  • 1 gram of HHC per disposable
  • Botanical Terpenes
  • Button activated, never clogs
  • Recharging port
  • Ready to use right out of the package


A Modern and Smart Design

Blueberry Cookie HHC is a proud progeny of deliciously baked HHC products. The quality of the product starts from its packaging, which has been designed to enhance ergonomics and user experience. This appealing design was the key to making this product very famous in the US. Due to its great design, the product is rich in reliability and performance.

The disposable Vape stick comes with nice curves and has been built with high-grade material to ensure durability and serviceability. This vape stick is made from lightweight material. It also comes in a small form factor that means that you can get a whiff of your favorite cannabis strain while on the move.

All internal elements of the vape stick have been produced in such a way that they coordinate to ensure performance and functionality.

Features of the Blueberry Cookie HHC disposable vape pen

  • Available in 12 delicious flavors.
  • Comes with a smooth and tasty feel.
  • Fantastic taste.
  • Blended from the finest terpenes and other ingredients.
  • The small form factor increases its portability and durability.
  • Produces enough vapor to give a realistic marijuana effect.
  • Activated by button.
  • Comes with a recharging port.
  • It can be used readily as soon as it is taken out of the package.

Flavors of the Blueberry Cookie HHC disposable vape pen

Final Words

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