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Hemp CBG CBD pre rolls product review

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If you are on the hunt for a good quality hemp product that can offer you a natural and safe alternative to traditional smoking then the Hemp CBG CBD pre-rolls are a good option. 



This product contains a blend of White CBG and Suver Haze CBD hemp flower: each pre-roll containing 1 gm of 100 percent Hemp CBG+CBD flower. 

This review will provide an unbiased assessment of this product detailing its pros and cons, thereby, helping you decide if it is the right product for you.


  • High Quality: The Hemp CBG CBD pre-rolls are made from high-quality hemp flowers sourced from reputable US-based farms. These flowers are 100 percent pure hemp CBG and CBD without any added seed, stem, trim, filler, or preservatives. 

With these pre-rolls, you can get a safe and natural smoking option that provides all the potential health benefits of CBG and CBD without any unwanted additives.

  • Ultra Entourage Effect: The Hemp CBG CBD pre-rolls provide a unique advantage due to their ultra entourage effect. This effect is created by combining CBG and CBD in the pre-rolls: allowing for the compounds to work together to create a more potent and effective health benefit than if they were consumed separately.

CBD is known for its therapeutic benefits and it works by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system: which is responsible for regulating various physiological processes such as mood, appetite, and pain sensation.

On the other hand, CBG is a lesser-known cannabinoid that is believed to have anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. Research suggests that CBG may help alleviate symptoms of conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, Huntington’s disease, and glaucoma.

When combined together, CBD and CBG work together to create a synergistic effect; amplifying the benefits of both compounds. This ultra-entourage effect means that the pre-rolls may be more effective in providing relief for conditions than if CBD and CBG were consumed separately. 

Overall the Hemp CBG CBD pre-rolls provide a unique and potentially more effective option for those seeking the benefits of these compounds.

  • Non-Psychoactive: One important feature of the Hemp CBG CBD pre-rolls is that they are nonpsychoactive. This means that they contain less than 0.3 percent total THC: the psychoactive compound that produces a high feeling. 

This makes the pre-rolls an excellent option for individuals who wish to experience the potential health benefits of smoking CBG and CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC. This also means that the pre-rolls are legal under federal law;  making them a safe and accessible option for those who are interested in exploring the potential benefits of hemp-based products.

  • Triple Lab Tested: Triple lab testing is a comprehensive quality control process used to ensure that a product is safe and effective for consumption. It involves rigorous testing of a product’s purity and quality at three different stages of production; typically by independent laboratories. 

This process guarantees that the product is free from harmful contaminants such as toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and microorganisms that could be detrimental to the health of the consumer. 

By undergoing triple lab testing the manufacturer is providing high-quality and safe products to their customers. Choosing a triple lab-tested product gives consumers confidence and peace of mind that they are making wise and informed decisions about what they put in their bodies.

  • Less than 0.3 percent Total THC: The Hemp CBG CBD pre-rolls contain less than 0.3% total THC which means they are legal to use in most states in the US.


Hemp CBG CBD pre-rolls have become a popular product among hemp smokers due to their ability to provide a relaxing and calming experience. However, there are a few drawbacks to consider before purchasing this product.

  1. One of the main disadvantages of Hemp CBG CBD pre-rolls is their limited range of flavors. While some people may enjoy the available flavors others may find them unsuitable for their taste preferences. This can be a significant drawback for people who are looking for a particular flavor or who prefer a wider variety of choices.
  2. Another issue with Hemp CBG CBD pre-rolls is their price. These pre-rolls are relatively expensive compared to other hemp smoking products available in the market. This can be a concern for people on a tight budget; especially when considering the potential benefits of the product compared to its cost.
  3. Smoke quality is another area of concern for some users of Hemp CBG CBD pre-rolls. While the overall smoke quality of these pre-rolls is generally good; some users may find the smoke harsher than they would like. This may be due to the high concentration of CBG and CBD in the flowers. It is important to note that smoke quality can also be affected by other factors: such as the rolling method and the type of paper used.

In a nutshell, the Hemp CBG CBD pre-rolls are a high-quality product that offers a range of health benefits. They are made with premium quality hemp flowers, are triple lab tested, and contain no harmful additives or contaminants. 

The ultra-entourage effect of CBG and CBD creates a potent and effective smoking experience without the psychoactive effects of THC. However, the limited range of flavors, higher prices, and potentially harsh smoke quality may not be suitable for all users. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully consider your needs and preferences before purchasing this product.



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