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RISE Dispensaries

26864 Watauga Rd, Abingdon, VA 24211

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SweetBuds Dispensary

5312 New Design Rd Frederick, Maryland US 21703

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8709 Fingerboard Road Frederick, Maryland US 21704

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Greenwave Maryland

70 Holiday Dr Solomons, Maryland US 20688

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Herbology Dispensaries

106 N. Frederick Ave Gaithersburg, Maryland US 20877

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9 Cranbrook Road Cockeysville, Maryland US 21030

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Peake ReLeaf Dispensary

2001 Chapman Ave Rockville, Maryland US 20852

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The use of cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes is legal in the state of Maryland. Here is a quick rundown of the complete legalities of cannabis use in Maryland and the top dispensaries in the state that you need to check out.

Cannabis legalities in Maryland

  • Medical: The medical use of cannabis is legal in the state of Maryland, and patients are allowed to possess up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis.
  • Recreational: Adults over 21 are allowed to use cannabis for recreational purposes and are allowed to carry up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis.
  • Cultivation: Both medical and recreational users can cultivate two plants at home legally.

Top dispensaries in Maryland

Maryland is packed with quality dispensaries to help you get your favorite products. Here are the top ones to consider:

gLeaf Dispensaries

gLeaf is a medical-only dispensary with multiple outlets across four US states, including Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. In Maryland, gLeaf has two outlets in Rockville and Frederick. Bestsellers to try out at this dispensary include their Island Punch Indica Gummies, Painkiller XL RSO oil, Banana Mac flowers, and more.

Do note that you will need to be registered as a patient to buy products at this dispensary.

SweetBuds Dispensary

SweetBuds is a cannabis retail dispensary that caters to both medical and recreational users. You can find this dispensary at 5312 New Design Rd Frederick, Maryland 21703. The dispensary has a wide selection of cannabis favorites to choose from, and some of their bestsellers include Modified Grapes Flowers, Betty’s Eddies Anytime Strawberry Edibles, Bahama Breeze Carts, and more.

Health for Life Dispensaries

Health For Life is a chain of cannabis dispensaries with outlets across three US states, including Maryland, Arizona, and Nevada. There are three outlets for Health for Life in Maryland; however, they only cater to qualifying patients. Find Health for Life outlets in White Marsh, Bethesda, and Baltimore. Choose from a wide range of cannabis products, including their bestsellers like Temple Strawberry x Culta Infused Prerolls, Kind Tree Warhead Flowers, Melon Sherbet Carts, and more.

Story Dispensary

Story Dispensary is a cannabis retail store with several outlets across Maryland. This dispensary serves both medical and recreational users and stocks some of the most reputable brands in the industry. From flowers to concentrates, find a whole host of cannabis favorites here. Top products to try at this dispensary include their Verano Swift Lift Flower pre-roll packs, Curio edible gummies, and more.

Chesapeake Apothecary Dispensary

Chesapeake Apothecary is a medical marijuana dispensary in White Plains. You can find the dispensary at 4781 Crain Highway, Whiteplains. Buyers can find a large selection of cannabis products and some of the top-rated ones to try out include Amnesia OG flowers, Elderberry 1:1 Chews, Lemon Berry Tart Carts, and much more. Do note that this is a medical-only dispensary and you will need to qualify as a patient to make purchases at this dispensary.

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